CAPTION THIS: Biden sworn in at #Inaugural2013 while Obama seemingly smirks

Heh. Via the Sacramento Bee:

Joe Biden is sworn in

President Barack Obama, center and Beau Biden, Attorney of Deleware, right, watch as his father Joe Biden is sworn in at the ceremonial swearing-in at the U.S. Capitol during the 57th Presidential Inauguration in Washington, Monday, Jan. 21, 2013.
Photo credit: Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

The look on Obama’s face as he looks at Biden is intriguing. Gotta wonder what he’s thinking there.

And for extra laughs from the VP on a day where conservatives weren’t laughing much at all, there is this:

“I’m proud to be president of the United States, but I am prouder to be — oh. . . I’m proud to be vice president of the United States. And I am prouder to be President Barack Obama’s vice president!”

— Joe Biden cracking up guests at the State Society of Iowa’s gala Saturday night with a classic gaffe — or, hmmm, just a 2016 Freudian slip? “Well, there goes that,” he laughed, amid lingering giggles in the crowd “Look, on a serious note. . . I guess I’m not going to get back to the serious note, am I?”

Video below:

On a much more serious note, as the pictures of Obama being sworn in rolled in on Twitter, I found I was more annoyed by the photos of Chief Justice John Roberts onstage than I was Obama. I just can’t look at him in the same way I used to. The ObamaCare ruling, and all that …

7 thoughts on “CAPTION THIS: Biden sworn in at #Inaugural2013 while Obama seemingly smirks

  1. Whether President or Vice President, the thought of either title coupled with Biden is horrifying. I’ve got a house plant smarter than he.

  2. “We did it, Uncle Joe!! Ha,Ha,Ha, the public thinks YOU’RE an idiot!! How about all those who not only voted for us once, but then did it again!!!!”

  3. ST. I totally agree about the chief injustice. I still say that future generations will curse his very name.

  4. I had the best laugh today when I saw the headlines “Joe Biden Considering Run for President in 2016”. Does the clown really take himself that seriously?

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