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January 23, 2013

In Their Own Words: Pro-choicer admits life begins at conception, but says “all life is not equal”

Sometimes your political opposition’s arguments are so deeply disturbing yet at the same time revealing, that there’s no need for you to add any major comment to it. These types of arguments essentially can speak for themselves (and usually not in a good way). All I’ll add to this conversation is that I’ve – like many of you –  come across many a pro-abort in my time who adamantly deny that life begins at conception, who’ll say it’s only a life when it becomes “viable” as per the Roe v. Wade ruling. Yeah, I know it’s warped, but this IS the “feminist” movement we’re talking about here, so keep that in mind … because what you’re about to read below is much, much worse, while at the same time being an oddly refreshingly candid admission of what we already know about the “pro-choice” crowd.  Very few in the “choice” gang will own up to the below sentiment, but I’ve come across a few who will and, let me tell ya, for someone whose eyes were already wide open on this issue, my eyes get all the more wide every time I hear or read variations of this.  It is astonishing to me that anyone with warm blood running through their veins can believe that life begins at conception yet still think it’s ok to terminate that life......   [Read More]