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January 29, 2013

#UnderstandingLiberals: Exhibit A on typical left wing word games

I’ve talked before about the (unfortunately) tried and true left wing tactic of word games, and how they redefine words down to where they don’t mean anything. Like racism, which now means “anytime a white conservative disagrees with a black liberal.” And when they’re not redefining words, they are changing them altogether. Example: they don’t want you to use “pro-abortion” when describing them. They want you to use the term “pro-choice” (or, well they used to – more on that here), because they claim they are not “pro-abortion” but instead “pro-a woman’s right to choose” (cough cough). And when talking about abortion itself, they never want to focus on the unborn child and the gruesome procedures used to take its life, but instead have successfully shifted the debate to being one about “women’s health.”.....   [Read More]