Super Bowl Sunday Open Thread

Well, who are y’all rooting for? Its the 49ers all the way for me, and hoping for a good game rather than a blowout.

Settling down with the family, including Muffie T., and about to dig into the snacks. Enjoy the game! And be safe if you’re out celebrating.  :-)

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday Open Thread

  1. I’m rooting for it to go away…

    Can’t get exited about alleged adults getting paid millions to play a kid’s game.

    Feeling curmudgeonly today. Does it show?

  2. I didn’t have a horse in this race (Giants fan), but I saw it as a Tale of Two Brothers;sibling Head Coaches trying to out-guess each other. Best play was the 109 yard kickoff return beginning of the 3rd. The 35 min. partial black-out was hilarious

  3. I admit, I was tempted to curl into a fetal position and weep hysterically at the end of the first half, but… what a comeback! Missed it by “that much.”

    Just wait till next year. ;)

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