Happy 102nd Birthday, President Reagan!

Raising a glass to you, Mr. President!

Reagan raises a glass in a toast

Here's to you, Mr. President.

And just in case my dear readers are in need of some inspiration tonight:

Never forget … **==

2 thoughts on “Happy 102nd Birthday, President Reagan!

  1. Saw a t-shirt soon after Obama was elected with a picture of Reagan on it. The caption read “Avenge me!” :)

    I met him while he was still governor, on a field trip with my jr. high school classmates in Sacramento. He was as personable and funny in person as he was on TV.

  2. I still miss him, after all these years.

    I met him at CPAC in 1979 0r 1980, don’t remember which year. I have his autograph on the back of one of my business cards from the job I had at the time.

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