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#SOTU drinking game: One way of getting through an hour of an Obama speech

Well, to be responsible about this, I don’t recommend drinking through the ENTIRE speech – should you have the stomach to watch it – but a couple of beers might help you get through the hour.  Suggested words to drink to [1], courtesy of the Debate Drinking website:

Start off right. Take a drink if the state of the union is‘strong’ – take two drinks if it is anything other than strong.

Take a drink* when you hear any of the following words or phrases

Let me be clear
Invest (ing/ment)
The time for (anything) is now
Robot Uprising
Middle Class

They’ll also have “real-time, live-streaming, drink-totaling, super-hyphenated, magic scoreboard [2]” you can follow as well.  For those of you who are REALLY into it. :) Just please make sure to drink responsibly, and all that.

Yours truly won’t be watching the speech, but will be monitoring the “festivities” on Twitter [3], where the translations from fellow conservatives of what Obama says usually prove to be right on the money.

Following the President’s speech (excerpts [4]) will be the GOP response, which will be given by Senator Marco Rubio  (FL) (excerpts [5]).  Senator Rand Paul (KY) will provide the Tea Party rebuttal to Obama (excerpts [6]).  Not sure if Rubio and Paul will be speaking at the same time or not.  Daily Caller [7] makes it sound like they will be back to back. I suspect this is the case.

If you can’t get to a TV for the 9pm ET speech, you can – of course – catch it on C-SPAN [8].