.@MarcoRubio’s “water gaffe” lands him over 13,000 new Twitter followers

While the Usual Suspects in the MSM and in the Democrat party (but I repeat myself) have made sure to laugh, ridicule, and mock Senator Marco Rubio’s SOTU response from last night purely on the basis of his “water gaffe” (rather than the actual SUBSTANCE, of course), Rubio was busy earning new followers and potential future voters – to the tune of over 13,000 (via Twitchy Team):

For the record, here was his full response to Obama’s SOTU on video. The transcript here.

All in all, nice work, Senator Rubio! The petty juveniles on the left have had their fun at the Florida Senator’s expense, but in the end, he wins. =d>

4 thoughts on “.@MarcoRubio’s “water gaffe” lands him over 13,000 new Twitter followers

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  2. Keep in mind the prattlemeisters on the left criticizing Rubio’s sip of water are among a collection of individuals praised in cold-blooded murderer Chistopher Dorner’s manifesto.

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