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.@MarcoRubio’s “water gaffe” lands him over 13,000 new Twitter followers

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While the Usual Suspects in the MSM and in the Democrat party [3] (but I repeat myself) have made sure to laugh, ridicule, and mock Senator Marco Rubio’s SOTU response from last night purely on the basis of his “water gaffe [4]” (rather than the actual SUBSTANCE, of course), Rubio was busy earning new followers and potential future voters – to the tune of over 13,000 (via Twitchy Team [5]):

For the record, here was his full response [9] to Obama’s SOTU on video. The transcript here [10].

All in all, nice work, Senator Rubio! The petty juveniles on the left have had their fun at the Florida Senator’s expense, but in the end, he wins. =d>