Heartwarming: Patriotic Asheboro middle school students give injured veteran a gift he’ll never forget

GRAB the Kleenex! Via MyFox8:

ASHEBORO, NC — Students at North Asheboro Middle School have raised more than $2,000 dollars for Josh Craven, an Iraq War veteran who lost his left leg to an explosion in August of 2010.

Craven’s right leg is intact, but paralyzed below the knee.

Because his ability to run is severely limited, Craven got into hand biking.

He uses a three-wheeled cycle operated by his hands to compete in marathons and other events.

Up until Thursday, Craven had been borrowing his hand bike from a charity. Now, with this money, it’s all his.

Eight grader Sabrina Perez led the fundraising efforts, calling churches and community members and telling Craven’s story.

“He went to war for us so we wanted to care for him just like he cares for us,” Perez, 14, said.

Craven and his wife Holly are thankful.

The video of the story is even better as you can clearly see the love the kids have for Craven. Make sure you watch it.

Even better still? The young Ms. Perez who was interviewed for the story said she was inspired so much by Craven that she wants to join the military herself when she grew up.

It’s a mad, crazy world out there, but sometimes people – even our young folks – manage to get it right. This is most definitely one of those times. :) **==

#GunControl: Firearms manufacturer stops sales to NY state officials

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Interesting. Because of recent legislation passed by the New York legislature, Olympic Arms will no longer sell to Empire State or local officials, including police and other first responders:

If the leaders of the State of New York are willing to limit the right of the free and law abiding citizens of New York to arm themselves as they see fit under the Rights enumerated to all citizens of the United State through the Second Amendment, we feel as though the legislators and government entities within the State of New York should have to abide by the same restrictions.

This action has caused a division of the people into classes: Those the government deems valuable enough to protect with modern firearms, and those whose lives have been deemed as having less value, and whom the government has decided do not deserve the right to protect themselves with the same firearms. Olympic Arms will not support such behavior or policy against any citizen of this great nation.

Call it “sauce for the gander.” I don’t know what portion of government purchases in NY are made from Olympic Arms, but it could get interesting if other gun manufacturers join in, and if the reverse boycott spreads to other gun-grabbing states, such as California.

RELATED: Trevor Burrus of the Libertarian Cato Institute discusses criteria for assessing new gun laws, while PJM’s Clayton Cramer compares murder rates between Canadian provinces and their neighboring US states to determine whether restrictive gun laws make a difference. Very interesting reading.

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Valentine’s Day non-shocker: CDC reports “severe” STD “epidemic” in the US

Troubling news, via NBC’s “Vitals” blog:

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued two new studies of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) today detailing what the lead author of one calls “an ongoing, severe, STI epidemic.”

The studies reveal new infection data, some of it available for the first time, for the eight most common STIs — chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis B, HIV, and trichomoniasis. The studies, which estimate infection rates and medical costs related to STIs, were published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Both are startling. In 2008, there were 20 million new incidents of infection in the United States, and a prevalence (new infections plus ongoing infection) of 110 million, according to CDC estimates. (Because one person may have more than one infection, the 110 million figure does not mean 110 million people have a sexually transmitted disease.) As a result, the United States incurred estimated direct medical costs of nearly $16 billion.

Previous such estimates, for years 1996 and 2000, estimated approximately 15 million and 18.9 million new incidents respectively, though these reports used somewhat different data sources and methodology so the CDC cautions against making direct comparisons. According to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, the American Social Health Association, and the CDC, the U.S. has the highest rate of STIs in the industrialized world.

“STIs take a big health and economic toll on men and women in the United States, especially our youth,” CDC epidemiologist Catherine Lindsey Satterwhite, who led the study of incidence and prevalence, told NBC News.

Although people age 15-24 account for only 25 percent of the nation’s sexually experienced population, Satterwhite’s study estimates they account for about half of all sexually transmitted infections.

Gee, I cannot IMAGINE why our nation’s young people account for half of all STDs in America, can you? “Researchers” and “experts” will blame it on  lack of “school-based universal access to the HPV vaccine” and “feminists” will use bogus public school sex ed statistics, but we all know it goes way beyond that. Our culture is rotting from the inside out.  Casual sex is looked upon now as not just a mere “rite of passage” but more so as a “way of life” to teens and “young adults.” Today’s “hook-up” mentality is yesterday’s “love ’em and leave ’em” successor. Young women are sexualized at younger and younger ages, with the pressure to look and act “sexy” more intense than it ever has been. TV shows and movies are full of teen characters who have random sex and who dress a lot older than their ages.  Women who want to wait until they’re more mature and in a stable relationship to have sex are mocked and ridiculed. That goes quadruple for responsible males. 

College-age guys are essentially given the green light to pursue simultaneous “relationships” with equally promiscuous young women by prominent “feminists” who embolden young women to “just do it” because, heck, why shouldn’t they be able to have guilt-free “fun” like guys have “gotten away with” over the decades?  And, oh  yes, it’s no longer “appreciate me for my mind” for feminists – it’s “gimme my free birth control” even though after all the time and money spent trying to educate the masses on safe sex, MANY STILL CHOOSE TO TAKE THAT RISK.

I could go on and on, but you get the point.   I just wish the Elitist Leftists Who Have All the Answers did, too. Oh well.

Disturbing: Murderer/cop-killer Christopher #Dorner’s “fan club” going “mainstream”?

According to BuzzFeed, sickeningly enough – yes:

On Wednesday, CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill seemed to defend the actions of cop killer and fugitive Christopher Dorner, who has since been killed by police after gunning down four victims.

“This has been an important public conversation that we’ve had, about police brutality, about police corruption, about state violence,” Hill said during a CNN segment about the burgeoning online support for Dorner. “As far as Dorner himself goes, he’s been like a real life superhero to many people,” Hill said. “Now don’t get me wrong, what he did is awful, killing innocent people is bad…Many people aren’t rooting for him to kill innocent people, they’re rooting for somebody who was wronged to get a kind of revenge against the system. It’s almost like watchingDjango Unchained in real life, it’s kind of exciting.”

The clip was immediately put on YouTube by conservative site Townhall, earning widespread derision, but Hill is certainly not the only one to hold these kinds of views.

Online support for Dorner in the days since his rampage has crept out of the internet’s more extreme corners — where such perverse boosterism is commonplace — and into more mainstream venues. Dorner is now hailed as a kind of folk hero by some on the Chomsky-esque left and the Ron Paul right, who view the killer’s manifesto as an articulate indictment of the “police state” they have always opposed.


Groups dedicated to Dorner on Facebook range from “We Support Christopher Dorner” to “We Are All Chris Dorner” to “Teamdorner” and others. The #DornerGang hashtag is alive and well on Twitter, as are multiple fever-swamp conspiracy theories about the circumstances of Dorner’s crimes and death.

And while many of the usual suspects — Alex Jones’ websites, for one — are trading in these, the pro-Dorner sentiment is leaking into slightly more well-respected venues.

Alternet, the leftist online magazine, ran a story by Chauncey DeVega arguing that Dorner could “be transformed through popular culture and storytelling into a figure talked about for decades and centuries to come, with multiple versions of his tales and exploits, shaped by the griots and bards for their respective audiences.”

Sigh.  I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.  What is wrong with people??


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