FL college recommends termination of professor in Obama vote pledge scandal

Posted by: ST on February 18, 2013 at 6:47 pm

Florida Today reports on a college’s recommendation to terminate an algebra professor who forced students to sign pledges to vote for President Obama last year (hat tip: Daily Caller by way of Memeorandum):

An algebra instructor at Brevard Community College faces termination after an investigation by college officials found that she urged — and forced in some cases — students to sign pledge cards promising to vote for President Barack Obama in November.

College officials made the recommendation Friday following a three-month-long investigation into complaints Associate Professor Sharon Sweet, a registered Democrat, distributed partisan campaign materials in her five math classes and promoted presidential politics. BCC officials did not comment on the case beyond a prepared statement listing the investigation’s findings.

Sweet violated BCC’s code of conduct prohibiting employees from soliciting political support for candidates and creating a hostile academic environment, according to the college’s statement.

“Sweet’s actions caused students to feel considerable discomfort, to believe their privacy was being invaded, to fear their grade could be negatively impacted if they refused to sign the pledge cards, and to feel intimidated,” the statement issued Friday read.


The investigation began with a parent’s complaint. Sweet also continues to be listed as a senator with the United Faculty of Florida-Brevard Chapter, a collective bargaining group representing instructors at the school. Judi Schatte, president of the chapter and who has an office at the college’s Cocoa campus, could not be reached for comment. The college is closed on Fridays.

Sweet has 10 working days to respond to the investigation’s findings. The recommendation will then be forwarded to the college’s Board of Trustees, who will review the information before making a final decision at a hearing. No hearing date has been set.

Here’s the official report of the investigation’s findings.

I know this goes without saying, but if we could just stop liberal college professors who use much more subtle tactics than this gal did to indoctrinate students, the country would be a much better place – pretty much guaranteed. Lots more free thinkers, less victim mentality types, more proponents of individual liberty, etc.

As a sidenote, why do I get the feeling if this had been a registered Republican professor, this story would have made national headlines and been endlessly discussed on all the news nets for several days? #RhetoricalQuestion

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10 Responses to “FL college recommends termination of professor in Obama vote pledge scandal”


  1. Phineas says:

    “Obviously she is a victim of racism.” –MSNBC tonight

  2. pa says:

    Oh, by “terminated” I guess you mean “fired.”

    I was kinda hoping you meant the other definition.

  3. Notice not one mention in the story about mathematics, just political indoctrination. No wonder our students score poorly on math and science standardized tests compared to other countries. BTW, we have a secret ballot in this country.

  4. Jim McDonald says:

    Brush the dust off of a lib to see the fascist underneath.

  5. Carlos says:

    She was just heading in the direction Dear Leader wants us to go, that is, if we HAVE to have “secret” ballots, develop a way to make sure they are all marked “properly.”

    Except Duh-1 is leaning toward the “single-name-on-the-ballot” choice, with no write-ins allowed.

  6. Ritely says:

    I agree that she should be terminated. Though many educational institutions teach liberal agenda, anyone that is so blatant about it needs to be removed.

    Thanks for your posts and your site! It’s good to hear another conservative voice on the web. We support you!

    Ritely.com- News for Conservatives, News Done Right

  7. Tex says:

    This was probably repeated many times by many Liberal professors in many universities cross America. But don’t expect the “hard-hitting” MSM to investigate this, or any other accusation of voter fraud or intimidation, that was aimed in getting their “Dear Leader” Obama re-elected.

  8. Brontefan says:

    Our colleges and universities have been overrun by Marxist or Leftist professors for years. I read news stories about elementary schools where the teachers have the children honor and sing chants praising 0bama. Our history books have been re-written by Liberals who deliberately bias against freedom and liberty… trashing Senator Joe McCarthy–even after the Venona Papers were released in 1995–thanks to Patrick Moynihan. It’s more important today that education indoctrinates children and they FEEL good rather than educate them for the future. They won’t make good little socialists if they are taught critical thinking skills. As a former educator… working in the belly of the beast, I can tell you that it’s almost overwhelming and most adolescents succumb to the propaganda.

  9. @Brontefan–I agree wholeheartedly. I taught Texas History using a textbook written by a professor in Indiana. The book stated one of the the dangers faced by early Texans was “rattlesnake attacks”. Bull cookies! Rattlesnakes DO NOT attack. I have not seen one yet that was not trying to get away; you practically have to make them bite you.

  10. Carlos says:

    @Drew-Agree with you, too. Growing up I’d go catch them for fun (had the highest concentration of rattlers in the world not far from where I lived) and the only time they’d strike was when surprised or cornered.

    Not anything like snake politicians, who, more like wolverines than rattlesnakes, go looking for victims to sink their putrid fangs into and tear up…