Weekend Open Thread

The weather is promising to be nice this weekend here (in the mid 60s) so I’m getting ready to head out shortly to try and enjoy it. :)

Happy Saturday!

Dr. Thomas Sowell

As usual, Dr. Sowell says it best.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Personal opinion is that it’s too bad Sowell didn’t run for prez in 1988 – he would have been quite an exclamation point to Reagan’s presidency, and undone some of the minor damage caused by even Saint Ronnie’s bigger guvmint.

    He has more common sense than the collective total of every Democrap in the United States. I look forward to reading his column every week.

  2. This may be off-point (but I doubt it), the NFL just concluded the scouting combine. The draft starts in seven weeks and player releases and retirments are starting to happen.

    There are only two seasons in football; football season and football off-season.

  3. One again, Phineas, you demonstrate superb common sense!

    BTW – it seems there may be life in Oakland yet! Word on the street seems to be they’re going to dump Carson Palmer. Guess he’s not worth $13.5M after all.

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