Weekend Open Thread

Got some birthday planning and girlie girl shopping to do – plus it’s gorgeous outside, so I’m going to go enjoy the day and then come back and watch some college basketball. :)

Y’all have a fabulous Saturday! And a fun, safe St. Patrick’s Day, too! %%-

2 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Well, my beloved Ducks turned the roundball light on again last night and took the Pac-12 championship, so they’re guaranteed a spot at the dance. After last weekend that was no guarantee.

    The way they played this week they deserve it, but the way they played the last three weeks of the season they didn’t. Their spot should go to the Scorpions or the Banana Slugs or someone more worthy, more consistent.

  2. Still experiencing football withdrawal on a Sunday afternoon. Replays on NFL network don’t satisfy. No matter how many times you watch a replay, the Cowboys are still lousy.

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