QOTD: On polls and popularity contests regarding the issues we face

Posted by: ST on March 25, 2013 at 12:50 pm

Read this over the weekend from Pastor Rick Warren on Twitter, and thought it was worth sharing here:

“Popularity has no bearing on what’s true and what’s false. The crowd, and opinion polls, are often wrong.”

I bring this up because of all the bandwagon-jumping I’m seeing on the issue of gay marriage – especially from Democrats (like Senator Claire McCaskill – MO) and some Republicans, most of who are not doing this out of principle but rather out of a moderate to severe case of “opportunistic-itis.” I exempt Senator Portman on this because I can’t hold it against a parent to reverse course, considering the thought I’m sure he put behind this in light of his son coming out as gay. Unlike President Obama, who has strung liberal gays along (and they have allowed him to) with his seesaw positions on gay marriage – positions he took purely for political purposes, Portman has a reason to feel the way he does now, even though I disagree with the notion that you can’t still be supportive of your son or daughter when they “come out of the closet” if you don’t support gay and other alternative forms of marriage. But that’s another topic for another day.

Reasonable people can disagree on the gay marriage issue. Then again, it seems that the loudest voices on this issue are extremists on both sides, with no consideration given for the “in between” people who are ok with civil unions for gay couples but who also believe that ultimately the best environment to raise children in is the traditional male/female two parent husband/wife marital/family structure – and that it should stay that way. There are also those “in between” types who have family members or friends who have ‘come out” who believe in gay marriage but who believe it should be a state-level issue, not one decided by the feds. We need to hear more such voices, rather than the yelling on the far left and far right about “homophobia” and “end times.”

Back to Warren’s quote, it’s interesting when you think about it. Right now, with the SCOTUS poised to take up two “gay rights” cases this week, an increasing number of politicos announcing their support, etc, pundits on the left (and some on the right who have given up on this issue and want us to stop getting beat up over it) are saying the conservative right needs to “get with the times” as a “majority of Americans” now support gay marriage or civil unions. Think about this, though: Remember the run-up to, and the aftermath of the Iraq war, when polls showed the American people overwhelmingly supported taking out Saddam Hussein? Think liberals bought the argument then that because a majority of the American people supported going into Iraq that they needed to hop on board, too? No, they didn’t. They’ve never allowed popular opinion on any issue favorable to conservatives (or America, for that matter) to dissuade them from their viewpoints. Why should we? When you believe in something – no matter what the issue – a poll and popular opinion shouldn’t be your deciding factor in whether you keep your opinion on an issue.

Do your research. Talk to people. Look at ALL facts on the table. Then determine whether or not you feel the same. And stick with it if you think it is right. Over time, you will either be proven to be on the correct side of the issue, and history – or not.

And here’s something else: It’s ok to evolve on an issue. I changed my mind on a number of them during the course of my switch from liberalism to conservatism, and I didn’t base my view point on polls and popularity contests and pop culture, but rather careful thought and consideration. Don’t be afraid to have a change of heart. But also don’t be afraid to stand strong in the face of adversity and major pushback. As the old saying goes, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

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6 Responses to “QOTD: On polls and popularity contests regarding the issues we face”


  1. SirKnob says:

    Marriage is founded in religion. A concept that pre-dates the founding of this Nation, our Constitution and our laws by thousands of years.

    It is the federal and state governments that enacted laws that use this religious ceremonty in order to tax, assign benefits and even punish its’ citizens.

    The term marriage is defined in the Holy Bible as a man and women joining in ‘HOLY’ matrimony. Again, this pre-dates any exisiting laws.

    For the federal government to ‘now’ decide that marriage must be re-defined in order to fit into some socialist anti-religion society norm, simply in order to tax, assign benefits and punish, is neither logical or just.

    Unions that offer the same benefit to tax, assign benefits and punish, offer exactly the same alternatives to those inclined to an alternative lifestyle. There is absolutely no benefit to our society in offering the ‘religious term marriage’ to those that do not meet the religious definition.

    The issue is one of ‘I want’ not an issue of ‘I need.’

    Gays want, no demand, the term ‘marriage’. Are they seeking validation? NO. Are they seeking the approval of ‘God’? NO. Are they simply seeking benefits? NO.

    Though many Gays will disagree, if you follow the movement, this has to do with the ‘I want’. The Gay community refuses to accept anything less than the ‘religious term marriage’.

    They have been offered equality in the term union, however, they demand nothing less that substituting God’s Law with man’s law.

    How long before they sue to either re-write the bible or demand its’ destruction because it disagrees with their wants.

    As a young teen ‘I wanted’ to be an LA Laker. I was not tall enough, did not have the ball handling skills, nor did I have the discipline. In other words, ‘I was not physically capable.’ I want it, who do I sue?

  2. William Shakespeare said it best in “Henry V”:

    “Discuss unto me; art thou officer?
    Or art thou base, common and popular?”

  3. Lorica says:

    “Popularity has no bearing on what’s true and what’s false. The crowd, and opinion polls, are often wrong.”

    My thoughts exactly. Just because something is popular, doesn’t make it good or right. – Lorica

  4. Carlos says:

    Too bad some of us won’t be around in 500 years to see the ridicule heaped on the AGW crowd that will be similar to that heaped on “Flat Earthers” by us today.

    And don’t forget: almost every scientist of note back then knew as an absolute truth that the earth was flat…

    Yeah, “consensus” is great in determining what “truth” is, isn’t it, Al?

  5. Sefton says:

    In the spirit of Easter, there was another poll taken 2000 years ago – Jesus or Barabbas?

  6. Carlos says:

    Also, in the spirit of helping Islamists understand what you said, Sefton, the people made the correct choice according to the plan of salvation. No death on the cross of the perfect Lamb, no salvation.

    It’s nice when people get it “wrong” and it still works out.