Great news: Indiana Supreme Court upholds school voucher system

Posted by: ST on March 26, 2013 at 7:43 pm

While most Americans are transfixed by the gay marriage arguments being made before the SCOTUS this week, other issues of national importance involving courts (lower, in this case) are taking place:

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the nation’s broadest school voucher program in a ruling supporters say could set a national precedent as other states look to build or expand programs that use public money to allow students to attend private schools.

The state’s highest court unanimously upheld a 2011 law providing vouchers for low- and middle-income families and cleared the way for an expansion being debated in the Indiana Statehouse. But more importantly, it could settle the case law for other states where voucher programs face legal challenges, supporters contend.

“I think it will be incredibly influential,” said Bert Gall, senior attorney for the Washington-based Institute for Justice, who helped defend the Indiana law.

The Indiana voucher program, passed by the Legislature in 2011, is the most sweeping in the nation and the biggest test yet of the conservative Republican idea that giving families choice creates a greater incentive for public schools to improve. Unlike voucher programs in other states, which are limited to poor families and failing school districts, the Indiana program is open to a much broader range of people, including parents with household incomes of up to nearly $64,000 for a family of four.

Doesn’t sound like this will go beyond Indiana courts, either:

Opponents downplayed Tuesday’s ruling. Brenda Pike, executive director of the Indiana State Teachers Association and a lead plaintiff in the case, said the group now considers vouchers settled law in Indiana. But, she added, Indiana’s borders are where the ruling’s impact ends.

“This was a specific Indiana constitutional law question,” Pike said. “We went through the court system in Indiana, not any federal court system.”

Lawyers for national groups who argued against the Indiana law deferred questions to ISTA on Tuesday.

Congrats, Indiana! Now that’s what I call forward. :)

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4 Responses to “Great news: Indiana Supreme Court upholds school voucher system”


  1. Stan says:

    Really, This is ripping the Catholic school systems apart. Many families work up to three jobs to put their kids through school. The state now is infiltrate these free loading disrespectful element into the schools. Modern day busing. FFFFFFFFFFFF-UUUUU!!!!!! Mr. Government!!!!!!!!!

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    For Ms. Pike to say the ramifications of this case is only peculiar to Indiana is a classic example of one’s a*s talking since their mouth knows better. It seems Governor Scott Walker’s efforts at limiting the influence of public unions have taken root and spread to neighboring states. ISTA is an NEA union just like every other state teachers association. The fuse is lit.

  3. Carlos says:

    Unfortunately, some of us live in states where the blue is somewhat closer to midnight than purplish, and it will be decades (if ever) before we, the people, can take our states back from the lawyer legislators and elitist guvmint b*astards who treat citizens as annoyances in their daily lives rather than the government that they rightfully are.

    Congratulations, Indiana, and I hope when such cases reach the federal system this ruling will be used as precedent.

  4. Brontefan says:

    Ditto, Carlos. NM is so blue… the people here vote for anyone on the Democratic ticket–even though most prefer to own guns. Home schooling will probably be illegal before long.. and the Dept. of Education is teaching our children to be good little socialists. Why do you think the government wants to control how we raise our children? Alinsky is winning; it’s a frightening world.