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“Feminists”: Clinton affairs excusable, but Obama complimenting a woman’s looks is OUTRAGEOUS!!!

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You seriously, SERIOUSLY cannot make this stuff up. “Feminists” and other assorted politically correct left wing nitwits have worked themselves up into an “outraged” lather over a (gasp!) some nice praise he gave to and about California AG Kamala Harris. Apparently the compliment was “sexist” because it included a comment about her … looks. First, […]


VIDEO: MSDNC’s “Cycle” uses young girl to advance #SSM: “Can you marry a girl?”

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And by “young” I’m talking 4 years old. Absolutely unbelievable. Via Politico’s Dylan Byers: Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy I really thought I’d seen everything, but of course MSDNC never fails to sink to new lows so I shouldn’t be surprised at all by this.  AllahPundit at Hot […]



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Developing: Embassies face decisions as tensions rise in North Korea



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Yawn: Biden not giving back pay, at least for now


US News

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Insane: The Associated Press Revises Another Politically Charged Term



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Surprise: Now out of Senate, Snowe supports same-sex marriage


Wash. Exam.

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Hmm: Democrats have doubts about Obamacare too


Obamacare: Wasn’t it supposed to simplify things?

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**Posted by Phineas Wasn’t Obamacare supposed to relieve us of the burden of worrying about our healthcare? With the government making our choices for us, with mandatory coverage for all, and with subsidies given to all who couldn’t afford the new plans, weren’t we all supposed to breathe a sigh a relief at how easy […]