Evening Photo: Thatcher, Reagan sit on an Oval Office patio – summer 1987

Posted by: ST on April 8, 2013 at 7:47 pm

I’m still reflecting today on the passing of the Baroness Thatcher. Thought this photo was a lovely reminder of days gone by. I look at this, and wonder what they were discussing. Whatever it was, their mutual admiration was clearly visible.

Thatcher and Reagan

A picture dated July 17, 1987, shows former President Ronald Reagan and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on the patio outside the Oval Office. – via AFP/Getty Images

As seen from the Wall Street Journal piece: The Thatcher/Reagan Mutual Admiration Society, Remembered


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One Response to “Evening Photo: Thatcher, Reagan sit on an Oval Office patio – summer 1987”


  1. As an indication of how polarized this country has become, the LSM showed old black-and-white photos of Thatcher with Carter while the conservative outlets, seeking to honor her memory instead of besmirch it, showed color photos in Reagan’s company as above.

    On a related note, Janna Winter from Fox News is facing contempt of court charges and jail time for refusing to divlulge a confidential source for Aurora shooter James Holmes’ sketch book showing graphic images of violence. Nary a peep is heard from the LSM crowd. But were it an NYT reporter, the throngs with torches, ropes, and pitchforks would be out en masse.