Commenting on Margaret Thatcher’s death, President Narcissus can’t help himself.

Posted by: Phineas on April 9, 2013 at 1:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

No sin in His eyes

“It’s all about the O”

I really think it’s impossible for Barack Obama to comment on any event without inserting himself:

Here in America, many of us will never forget her standing shoulder to shoulder with President Reagan, reminding the world that we are not simply carried along by the currents of history—we can shape them with moral conviction, unyielding courage and iron will.   Michelle and I send our thoughts to the Thatcher family and all the British people as we carry on the work to which she dedicated her life—free peoples standing together, determined to write our own destiny.

And what’s this “we,” kemosabe? Your beliefs and policies are about as far from Prime Minister Thatcher’s and President Reagan’s as it can be while staying on the same planet.

Seriously, I wonder if he laughed at the absurdity when he read that.

Nah. That would require a modicum of self-awareness.

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8 Responses to “Commenting on Margaret Thatcher’s death, President Narcissus can’t help himself.”


  1. Carlos says:

    Ya gotta understand, Phineas, that “we” in his statement is the royal “we.”

    If he were not king of the world, it would not be so.

  2. Obhammud is exactly like the typical schoolhouse twit to whom no one pays any attention unless he is mentioning someone noteworthy.

    The “we” in his pocket is the RINO crowd, the Pied Pipers with the lukewarm, two-faced, half-baked brand of conservatism that cost the GOP its latest embarrassment at the polls. The usual suspects are Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, John McCain, Mitt Romney, etc. The list is long, obviously.

  3. ST says:

    #HeadDesk … sigh. 8-|

  4. At the gym the favorite pieces of equipment for women are the leg machines such as hip adduction/abduction, treadmills, and stationary bikes. With guys it is the mirrors. (Don’t get me started on their proclivity to emit “childbirth screams” while bench pressing 50 lbs.)

  5. Brontefan says:

    0bama is our first Gatsby president. He has no experience in decorum, elegance, or leadership. He has been led to believe he is a Super Star and therefore, cannot resist inserting himself into anything that makes headlines.

  6. Carlos says:

    Great analogy, Brontefan! “Gatsby president.” I love it!

  7. Liz says:

    He’s so subtle that most people won’t even catch it. Shameless self promotion, as usual. Can’t he step aside and give anyone their day?

  8. Carlos says:

    He’ll be at her funeral. Maybe.

    If he can figure out how to convert that into legislative votes back home. Or cash. Or a great golfing vacation (St. Andrews is just around the corner, relatively, ya know).

    He sure as heck wouldn’t go there to honor some dead old white broad (his thought of her, not mine).