BREAKING: Images of suspects in #BostonMarathon bombings released

Posted by: ST on April 18, 2013 at 5:36 pm

Have you seen these men?

Suspects from Boston Marathon bombings.

Suspects from Boston Marathon bombings.

(Click link above for bigger image)

Here is surveillance video from the Boston marathon:

More photos here. The site is crashing now due to the volume of visitors, but keep checking.

Please contact the Boston police or the FBI if you’ve seen them!

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7 Responses to “BREAKING: Images of suspects in #BostonMarathon bombings released”


  1. If these guys are still in the US they will be ID’d and caught. No effort is made to conceal their identity. There are clues to their identity that are as good as fingerprints. Their facial features like nose and ear shapes and their manner of walking; the guy with the dark pants has a crooked right lower leg. Plus photo technology being what it is, a clearer image will be possible.

  2. One down, one to go!

  3. Carlos says:

    Apparently being from Chechnya wasn’t good enough to get them a cush job in the administration because Chechnya isn’t anywhere close to Chicago, so they took it out on America.

    The bombing took place on Monday, the photos were released Thursday, yet these genii weren’t twenty miles away, were knocking off a 7-11 and shooting up MIT, and had stolen a high-profile car. It’s a good thing for them homemade bombs are easy to make because if it took any thought process at all these pieces of pig poop (a VERY good description of Islamists, since they consider the pig as the dirtiest animal in the world after the Jew) couldn’t button a shirt if it required any degree of intelligence.

    With the amount of hardware these guys were caught with (“assault” weapons, pistols, grenades, more I.E.D.’s) it makes one wonder who else was involved, ’cause it’s real difficult to walk even the streets of Boston with that much of a load. (And, as an irrelevant side note, aren’t ALL weapons including pistols, knives and rubber bands “assault” weapons by the very definition of “weapon?”)

  4. Neo says:

    New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer admonished colleagues not to “try to conflate” the immigration reform bill that the Senate is considering with the bombings at the Boston Marathon, the perpetrators of which have been identified as immigrants.

    The Senator went on to say that he thought the one remaining immigrant should go to an open empty public place and blow himself up so as to save money on his prosecution given the sequester.

  5. Carlos says:

    The problem, Neo, is not the immigrants themselves, but the way they are treated after they get here, what with all the guvmint goodies and “freebies” (they aren’t “free,” they cost you and me more than congressional and presidential perks do) they are forced to take while taking jobs paid under the table that rob citizens of a living.

    Just a side thought: Why do we allow treasonous mosques to operate openly, teaching their youngins to hate us and how to blow up innocents and shoot peace officers? Shouldn’t the FBI or ICE or someone be investigating that mosque, determining who attended, and deport any aliens (legal or not) simply for associating with what now are known terrorists?

    ‘Course, we can’t do that ’cause that would “violate” their “rights” (apparently their rights include being able to become terrorists and kill innocents) and would make sense. Nothing any guvmint agency would want to be accused of, I’m sure.