This just in: “Master bedroom” is now racist and sexist

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But, of course:

The “master suite” is being phased out — not from our homes, but from our lexicon.

A survey of 10 major Washington, D.C.-area homebuilders found that six no longer use the term “master” in their floor plans to describe the largest bedroom in the house….Why? In large part for exactly the reason you would think: “Master” has connotation problems, in gender (it skews toward male) and race (the slave-master).

The new, politically correct phrase is “owner’s suite.”  Can’t see how that’s much better, as least from the point of view of the ridiculously hypersensitive.


via Salena Zito and Conservative Intelligence Briefing

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14 thoughts on “This just in: “Master bedroom” is now racist and sexist

  1. Where does it end? If someone has a blot on their record referred to as “a black eye”, the blacks are offended. If a coward is called yellow, the Orientals go berserk. If a failing business is “operating in the red”, the Native Americans go on the warpath. WTF?

    “A man’s home is his hassle.”–Dr. Laurnce J. Peter, author of “The Peter Principle”

  2. “Owner’s suite?” Ya gotta be kidding me. I envision the “slave owner” with such a phrase!

    It’s gotta be something innocuous, like “popcycle.”

    Whoops, the gun confiscation crowd would be offended by that.

    Maybe “teddy bear room?” Nope. PETA.

    The tolerant crowd is such a pain in the (I can’t say because the sodomy crowd would undoubtedly be offended…

  3. next… Master locks and deadbolts to change their name, then master and slave cylinder to be removed from the automotive lexicon

  4. Wait till they find out that all the high techies, most of whom appear to be Liberal, refer to two hard drives both connected to the same computer as “master” and “slave” verbally, and in print.

  5. Let’s not neglect to mention “male” and “female” pipe fittings. The male fits inside the female. “I’m shocked, shocked I say!” (Claude Raines in “Casablanca”)

  6. This is just so stupid. I’m black and never in a million years would ‘master suite’ be considered by me as racist. ‘Sleep space’ (if we must be PC), sounds better than ‘owner’s’ suite. I’m so sick of PC. Who thinks up this crap?

  7. In answer to your question, Lynne, it’s the folks that promoted and voted for Mr. Obhammed and his ilk, including wifey Thunderthighs, Mr. My People, and their good friends Ayers and Dorne. One would also have to include such folks as Bubba and Hillarious, Dingy, Chucky Cheesy and Nazi Pelousy.

    Liberal mindset is a disease, one that should have at least as much research to find a cure for as cancer or AIDS. Get used to it – they won’t let thinking people rest until they control every facet of our lives.

  8. #8:
    Progress has overrun the Master/Slave drive. New systems have a single SATA drive on each port. (And California goes wild!)

    Electrical connectors are, for the most part, still “male” and “female”.

  9. Liberals…Marxists, Progressives, & the like–have been playing games with rhetoric for some time. Political correctness is the result and it’s ludicrous. Think about it.. Planned Parenthood, founded by a despicable person, Margaret Sanger who believed in Eugenics–is part of the manipulated rhetoric. First, no one would be there if they planned anything; second, it has nothing to do with parenthood. It’s an abortion clinic–and they do not provide women’s health services. It’s a lie! And the opposite of Pro-Life is not pro-choice! I will continue to call the master bedroom by it’s name. Libs have considered rewriting Mark Twain to play with the rhetoric, which clearly demonstrates destruction to a great American author. If we whitewash history… we certainly do not learn from it. But Libs have no problems re-writing US history textbooks to put conservatives in a bad light–or even lie about them. I suppose we could stop calling Liberal the LIARS that they are and merely state they deal in massive mendacity.

  10. Progressive = perpetual prevaricator?

    Democrap = demonic designer?

    Liberal = lousy liar?

    Progressive = Democrap = Liberal = perpetually prevaricating demonically designing lousy liar.

    Hey, I could get to like this changing of definitions thing!

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