#PANIC: Unions now pushing back on #ObamaCare, w/ some calling for repeal

Posted by: ST on May 22, 2013 at 10:08 am

It would seem like Obama’s union buds have woken up to realize that not even THEY will be able to “keep their physician” under ObamaCare.  Via The Hill (bolded emphasis added by me):

Labor unions are breaking with President Obama on ObamaCare.

Months after the president’s reelection, a variety of unions are publicly balking at how the administration plans to implement the landmark law. They warn that unless there are changes, the results could be catastrophic.

The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) — a 1.3 million-member labor group that twice endorsed Obama for president — is very worried about how the reform law will affect its members’ healthcare plans.

Last month, the president of the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers released a statement calling “for repeal or complete reform of the Affordable Care Act.”

UNITE HERE, a prominent hotel workers’ union, and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters are also pushing for changes.

In a new op-ed published in The Hill, UFCW President Joe Hansen homed in on the president’s speech at the 2009 AFL-CIO convention. Obama at the time said union members could keep their insurance under the law, but Hansen writes “that the president’s statement to labor in 2009 is simply not true for millions of workers.”

Republicans have long attacked Obama’s promise that “nothing in this plan will require you to change your coverage or your doctor.” But the fact that unions are now noting it as well is a clear sign that supporters of the law are growing anxious about the law’s implementation.


Hansen, who is also the head of the Change to Win labor federation, told The Hill that his members often negotiate with their employers to receive better healthcare services instead of higher wages. Those bargaining gains could be wiped away because some employers won’t have the incentive to keep their workers’ multi-employer plans without tax subsidies.

“You can’t have the same quality healthcare that you had before, despite what the president said,” Hansen said. “Now what’s going to happen is everybody is going to have to go to private for-profit insurance companies. We just don’t think that’s right. … We just want to keep what we already have and what we bought at tremendous cost.


Wish I could say I felt sorry for these union leaders grumbling about themselves and members possibly not being able to keep their health coverage plans/physicians under ObamaCare, but I won’t.  They were warned. Over and over. In advance.  But because they gave so much $$$ to the President and Congressional Democrats, and because they’ve been catered to for decades by equally greedy left wing politicians, they thought their seemingly beholden politicos would keep their promises to them that their health coverage plans would be exempted from this law while most of the rest of us – mainly those not in the President’s back pocket – would just have to “grin and bear it.”

Suckers. Too bad they won’t learn from their mistakes, as most probably will turn around and pull the lever for Democrats again when it comes time for the next round of elections.   And then again after that. You know what they say: You can lead a horse to water, but …

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6 Responses to “#PANIC: Unions now pushing back on #ObamaCare, w/ some calling for repeal”


  1. Carlos says:

    The thought that comes to mind? “There is no honor among thieves.”

    Whether you believe the thieves are the union leaderships or the politicians, or both (as I do), there is still no honor. They both steal, and the theft is becoming more and more brazen with every passing month.

    And the biggest problem with the union voting is that the membership (generally decent but misled folks), when they get fed up with Tweeddledee will then vote for Tweeddledum! They are so convinced that the employers who hand them paychecks and supply them with all those perks are so evil, they must vote for “honorable” politicians who want to punish those very same employers.

  2. Great White Rat says:

    You can lead a horse to water, but …

    You can’t make them think.

  3. Rank amateurs! Don’t they even know the biggest worry in buying a judge or a politician is wondering if they will stay bought?

  4. JoyO says:

    I guess the unions are finally realizing they will not be exempt from Obamacare and its Death Panel! I am beginning to think that by the time the low information voter realizes he is the frog in the boiling water, it will be too late to stop BIG Government from removing any remaining vesting ages of freedom. The Progressives will do anything to gain more power and the ends always justifies the means.

    In the meantime, we can continue to fight Obamacare– which will be managed by our most untruth worthy government agencies IF WE ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE.

  5. Carlos says:

    Sorry, JoyO, but the time to not allow “this” to continue passed last November, and the same jackasses that ran the Senate before still run it, the same jackasses (with “R”s behind their names) still run the House as before, and the same jackass with a “666” tattooed on his forehead still has the power of the veto. The only hope of keeping the (Never) Affordable (Crappy) Care Act from being implemented is to keep from funding it, and with such a great example of a steel spine as Boehner running the House (whose primary mission in life is re-election and whose second priority is appeasing the Democraps) I’m reasonably certain such will not be the case.

    It’s tough to beat the socialist agenda when the Republican leadership is pushing it with their votes just as hard as the Democraps.

  6. Brontefan says:

    It now appears that everyone wants out of 0bamaCare… everyone except the millions of clueless zero liability voters who believe it’s FREE.