The #IRS should just go ahead and change its name to “The Spanish Inquisition”

Posted by: Phineas on May 26, 2013 at 12:01 pm

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"Confess the sin of conservatism! Confess!!"

“Confess the sin of conservatism! Confess!!”

Because no one expects them, least of all poor Justin Binik-Thomas, an Ohio educator specifically named in IRS “follow-up questions” to an Ohio Tea Party group he had no affiliation with:

At the height of its campaign against President Barack Obama’s opponents, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), in its audit of an Ohio tea party group, demanded information and materials related to a local Ohio adult education program as well as personal information about a man named Justin Binik-Thomas.

Now Justin Binik-Thomas and the adult educational program, neither of whom have any links to the tea party group, are worried.

The infamous IRS Cincinnati office, which oversaw tax-exempt nonprofit organizations., requested additional information from the Liberty Township Tea Party in a letter dated March 1, 2011.

“Included in that list was question number 26, which said, ‘please explain your relationship with Justin Binik-Thomas,’” Binik-Thomas told The Daily Caller. “That was concerning to me, considering I was not involved with that group.”

“I was involved in the Cincinnati tea party, about 30 miles south, as a spokesman” said Binik-Thomas, who works as a contract manager and has a small media relations business on the side. “There are literally tens of thousands of people involved with the tea party in some way. Why was I called out by name?”

The IRS also demanded, in its Question #25 for the Liberty Township Tea Party, one question before asking about Binik-Thomas, that the group hand over any training materials provided by the organization EmpowerU.

EmpowerU is a community education program that offers courses in scary things like cake decorating, marketing via social media, and lowering your taxes (1). Binik-Thomas does teach for them, but, again, neither of them have anything to do with the Liberty Township Tea Party.

Maybe, as Good Citizens(tm), they were supposed to report any rumors they heard. Or just make stuff up.

As you can imagine, being singled out like this by a powerful government agency can be a bit… “worrisome,” shall we say? Who else has been asked about Justin Binik-Thomas, and why is the IRS focused on him, anyway? How many others have been specified by name, and how does any of this have anything to do with an application for tax-exempt status? Should they be hiring lawyers?

I’m telling ya, Obama and the IRS have done more for the cause of tax reform and limited government than all the conservative groups of the last 20 years, combined.

(1) I’ll bet it was that last one that got them on “the list,” or maybe that subversive course on “The Constitution for Kids.”

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8 Responses to “The #IRS should just go ahead and change its name to “The Spanish Inquisition””


  1. Nate says:

    Only one problem. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition; EVERYBODY expects the IRS.

  2. foxmuldar says:

    We need a special prosecutor to investigate this not the Justice Department. Already I hear Democrats coming to the defense of the IRS. Wouldn’t want to find out that it was Democratic Senators and congressmen and women who demanded the IRS investigate these organizations. Everyone is circling the wagons around the real guilty one. That being Obama and the White House.

  3. Somewhere Joseph McCarthy is smiling. And the comparisons to Watergate get a little far afield but they would not be repeated so often were they not so timely; an enemies list, a crooked AG, IRS used aginst political enemies, and an “Iron Curtain” of trusted confidants surrounding a peevish and paranoid president, etc.

    Ignoring the obvious is not a mark of the American public. That is Obhammud’s strategy for dealing with islamic terror. It is hard to gauge how he will be remembered in history, but like Judge Lynch and Captain Boycott, he is sure to add to the vocabulary.

  4. Lorica says:

    More like the Bolshevik revolution. – Lorica

  5. Joseph says:

    It is offensive to compare the IRS audits of conservative groups to the Spanish Inquisition. At least the SI had standards and procedures and for the most part stuck to them, and the inquisitors did what they believed was right, however warped their thinking might have been. The IRS actions under Obama were not a well-meaning but misguided attempt to carry out the law, but a malicious act designed to tie the hands of conservative groups until the election was over and the American Inquisitor General was secured a second term.

  6. Carlos says:

    You can have all the inquisitions or church councils or anything else you want, but until the Republican “leadership” grows a big enough pair to call the administration on all of its corruption, thievery and felonious acts nothing short of a nuclear warhead at D.C. ground zero will change anything.

    And after listening to all the excuses Issa offered this week on everything, I wouldn’t want to count him as anything except in the hip pocket of the radical left.

  7. John Scotus says:

    But people do expect an IRS inquisition, just not quite this involved. Also, the IRS was doing a little bit more than torturing people by making them sit in comfy chairs.

  8. Lorica says:

    Joseph…. Also the Spanish Inquisition came after 700 years of Islamic rule in Spain, it was nothing more than alittle payback for what Islam did to the Iberian peninsula. And actually it was very little payback. Not that I am justifying what was done, but in 130 years of “inquisition” only about 3500 people were murdered. In 700 years of Islamic rule 10s of 1000s of people were murdered if not more. – Lorica