Media Bias Quote of the Week – Politico Edition

Posted by: ST on May 31, 2013 at 7:21 pm

A great catch, courtesy of Paul Bremmer at Newsbusters (bolded emphasis added by me) :

Politico co-founder Jim VandeHei showed up on PBS’s Charlie Rose Wednesday night, and from the comfort of Rose’s pitch-black studio he tossed aside his journalistic objectivity and aired out his own political opinions – particularly his disdain for Republicans.

Rose had asked his guests — Politico’s Mike Allen was there, too — what it would take to fix the country economically and whether Washington was capable of doing it. VandeHei used this as an opening to take a shot at some of the left-wing media’s favorite targets:

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I will say, I have faith in humanity, I have faith in America in that if you think about a lot of the most controversial figures who’ve gotten big platforms in politics — Michele Bachmann today announcing that she retired, Steve King not running for Senate in Iowa, Allen West in Florida, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin — all these people who were the most bombastic voices on the Right, who were political celebrities…

Rose could see where this was going, so he jumped in and drew the conclusion himself: “Either defeated or walking away.” VandeHei agreed: “They’re gone. They have been discredited. The market, the market being the voter, the market does react. It takes a while.”

So the decline in prominence of some notable Republicans gives VandeHei faith in America and humanity? This is coming from the editor of a news organization that focuses on national politics. The bias doesn’t get much more transparent than that.

Nope. Unless you work at MSNBC, of course.

PJ Tatler’s Bryan Preston responds:

I won’t denounce Politico’s Jim VandeHei here. He’s being honest. He hates conservatives and he’s admitting it.


Honesty is refreshing. So here’s some honesty. Jim VandeHei isn’t fit to shine Allen West’s boots or carry Sarah Palin’s purse. I would have said “Sarah Palin’s rifle,” but the mere mention of the word would probably have sent VandeHei running in tears.

The rare bit of honesty of someone in VandeHei’s (executive editor) position is indeed refreshing but I think he should go one step further and do what more of the devoted-to-“progressive”-ideals-mainstream media types have already done … resign from Politico and actually go work for the Obama administration, officially – on record.  Like Jay Carney and many, many others.   But he won’t, because he has nothing to fear – most in the mainstream media agree with him when it comes to Tea Party conservatives and won’t call him out, and the only pressure he’d be likely to feel to step down would be from the same types of conservatives for who he feels such a deep disdain in the first place.  In fact, Politico would (will?) probably use the outrage over his remarks in order to bolster their inside the beltway media creds.

In other words, the beat goes on. Move along, nothing to see  here, etc … (sighs)

MSM bias

Any questions?
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6 Responses to “Media Bias Quote of the Week – Politico Edition”


  1. We all knew it would be a short matter of time before the faux outrage over the AP and DOJ scandals would suside and these hacks could revert to their comfort zone. Since the DOJ and IRS scandals targeted conservatives, the LSM and O-bots like Politico are orgasmically chortling.

    BTW, having read online the DOJ filing with the third judge they approached for a warrant, there was a phrase that caught my attention lke a red flag in front of a bull and that was “potential criminal liability” as related to Fox’s James Rosen. FNC’s Megyn Kelly is the only media type that caught it. It means charges will be filed but was probably all smoke to fool the judge.

    BTW, lying to a judge is a felony offense.

  2. Phineas says:

    Honestly, I found it a bit refreshing the Vandehei came “out of the closet” with his views. (Though one hour reading Politico make their stance quite clear) I’ve often said the UK press is better than ours, because they’re at least honest about their biases, instead of striking an unbiased pose. Our media should follow their lead.

  3. marshall art says:

    Really. They aren’t surprising anyone by “coming out”. At least not anyone who pays the least bit of honest attention. It’s really getting way past boring, however, and it would be nice to see one of these guys actually back up their hateful opinions with something more substantive than hateful opinion.

  4. Carlos says:

    In regard to the “potential criminal liability,” it seems that, after fishing for the right fool judge, they found him.

    All the administration had to do was keep the average low-info voter from getting totally disgusted for two seconds longer than the attention span of a gnat for all the scandals to go away. They succeeded.

    The best conservatives can hope for (because it’s for sure the Repub “leadership” won’t do it) is for some 501(c)(3)s or (4)s to use the hearings in ads exposing the corruption that is D.C. in the elections next year.