Too good not to be true: the #IRS can’t find its receipts

Posted by: Phineas on June 5, 2013 at 2:45 pm

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"Even the monkey is embarrassed"

“Even the monkey is embarrassed”

Karma, with a heavy dose of irony:

The Internal Revenue Service can’t find the receipts from a $4 million agency conference in 2010 — meaning, it can’t provide the same documentation for business-related travel it requires Americans to include on tax filings.

CNN reported the snafu Tuesday evening. Correspondent Dana Bash told host Anderson Cooper that it’s impossible to determine exactly how much was spent on what. Some of the expenditures that are still unclear, The Washington Free Beacon reported: Gifts, production of video spoofs and the charge for hotel rooms, some of which are considered upscale.

I’d like to see any of us try that after writing off expenses at a conference at which:

The 2,609 Internal Revenue Service managers who flew to Anaheim, Calif., for a three-day conference on “Leading Into the Future” were treated to a welcoming reception with free cocktails and gifts — including briefcases, engraved pens and Los Angeles Angels baseball tickets.

Some attendees stayed in two-bedroom presidential suites at the Anaheim Hilton, complete with wet bars and billiard tables.

One conference speaker was paid $27,000 in taxpayer money — plus $2,500 for a first-class plane ticket — to deliver two one-hour speeches on how seemingly random ideas can drive innovation. Another speaker collected $11,430 to give workshops on how to increase IRS managers’ happiness at work.

These and other examples of what many in and outside of government would consider excessive spending are detailed in a new audit by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. A House hearing on the matter is set for Thursday.

The audit reveals that the IRS spent $4.1 million to fly managers in its small-business and self-employed division to California in August 2010 with the approval of top agency officials.

Can you imagine what fun they’ll have when they’re in charge of all those Obamacare fines?

To paraphrase: “Quis audit ipsos auditores?” (1)

RELATED: Hot Air has one of those now-infamous training videos. Might as well watch, folks. It was paid for with our money.

(1) Answer: the Inspector General, of course. And, yeah, I know the Latin is nonsensical, but I couldn’t resist… smiley embarrassed

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8 Responses to “Too good not to be true: the #IRS can’t find its receipts”


  1. Brontefan says:

    Clearly, the oversight happened because the IRS employees were just too busy targeting Conservatives and Tea Party Patriots.

  2. Carlos says:

    But just try to justify a $7 expenditure if you own a business and can’t find the receipt. They’ll audit you for the next two decades!

    The level of liberalism displayed (“Do as I say, not as I do”) is indicative of just what kind of people we have employed nationwide at all levels of government that are, to put it charitably, more of make-work government dole than to do the peoples’ business and complete the charge of what governments’ functions under our Constitution are to begin with.

    I would submit to you that the old saw, “Them that can, do; them that can’t, teach” should be added to with “them that can’t teach, work for the government.” They set their own guidelines of competence that have nothing to do with either reality or the needs of the people or the community, only with their own specialized set of prejudices (probably inculcated in public indoctrination centers, also called “public schools”).

  3. Carlos says:

    I hope someone has the wherewithal and time to set up a 501(c)(4) titled “An Apology Is Not Enough!”

    But it would probably be sometime in the next century before the einsteins at the IRS could even get around to demanding a list of donors, the organization’s complete schedule (including speakers) for the next 50 years, all educational materials, who printed them, who paid for them, who they are expecting to attend any rallies or meetings, and agreeing not to ever apply for tax exemption again or for protection from reporting who their financial supporters are.

    I think that pretty well covers the reasons statists wanted the program to begin with and are so upset because conservatives are taking advantage of it.

  4. ALman says:

    When I’m finished reviewing them, which includes taking extensive notes, they’ll be returned. Meantime, let’em sweat it out like the rest of us in a similar situation!

  5. Drew the Infidel says:

    People are struggling to make ends meet and these jackwads stay in a Presidential Suite for $3,500 per night? Ten thousand comedians out of a job and these characters are trying to be funny? It is another example of the inmates running the asylum.

  6. Kate says:

    The IRS should be disbanned and a flat tax implemented for these reasons alone. The organization is as corrupt as the administration in power.

    I have an odd feeling that the main reason these grass root organizations were really investigated was because the progressives on the left have no idea of how to start, manage and maintain one. They seemto excell in the “community organization” department that depends on government grants (hand-outs) versus actual non-profit organizations.

  7. rufus levin says:

    simple send the audit to all IRS employees who got reimbursed for expense without receipts for taxes to the “income” they received for such services and products. that is what happens to “normal” citizen taxpayers.