State Senator Elbert Guillory: Why I chose to become a Republican

Posted by: Phineas on June 18, 2013 at 5:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Oh, this is a good video that’s going to tick off a lot of Democrats:

(Transcript at Real Clear Politics)

First, welcome to the party, Senator. I love what you have to say.

Second, I hope your political body armor is strong, because the last thing your former colleagues in the Democratic party will tolerate is a minority politician wandering off the reservation. Especially as you’re the first Black Republican in the Louisiana legislature since Reconstruction. Just ask Allen West or Tim Scott or Susanna Martinez or… You get the idea.

BTW, I hear US Senator Mary Landrieu might need a challenger.

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9 Responses to “State Senator Elbert Guillory: Why I chose to become a Republican”


  1. Carlos says:

    Bottom line is, he switched to “R” because he wised up to the plantation he was being forced to work on without question and certainly without even a modicum of thought.

    Welcome to the party that allows personal thought and action, the party that will debate and discuss civilly, and allow you your core beliefs as long as they don’t trample on anyone else’.

  2. Brontefan says:

    He will go from one of the CBC to an Uncle Tom when the Democrats Alinsky him.

  3. Paul M Winters says:

    Guillory’s monumental decision to switch to the GOP should serve as a call to action to both the black community and the GOP. To the black community, it is truly time to awake from the slumber and resist the benign misery of the Democrat social engineering schemes they fooled you into. For we Republicans, it is time we acknowledge the sad truth that we acquiesced the political fight for black America to the Democrats and allowed them to skillfully utilize race-baiting rhetoric to drive a wedge between Republicans and black America.

    The successful progress of the black community, the Republican Party and America as a whole ran parallel to one another from the GOP’s abolitionist beginnings into the first quarter of the 20th Century. As many southern black Americans migrated north, they were introduced to the urban Democrat political machines and ultimately became fodder for the progressive-left as in large part they have been victims of the “Great Society” as the left builds a template for ultimate domination of our Republic.

    In the 1800’s, a newly formed Republican Party joined forces with black Americans to guarantee blacks the liberty that was rightfully theirs by birthright but denied them by the Democrat policy of slavery. In the 21st century we need the combined forces of these two former allies to guarantee that white and black alike, and everyone in between, do not lose our liberty to the slavery of a bureaucratic dictatorship. We have allowed nefarious forces to divide white Republicans and black Americans. And divided we both fall.

    Like the song says…”We gotta get right back to where we started from.”

  4. The commiecrats cannot stand it when a minority politician leaves their plantation. Since they obviously are oblivious to history, it should be pointed out the Fugitive Slave Law was passed in 1850. It stated if a slave escaped to territory that was declared “free”, he could not be forcibly repatriated to a “slave” area. The metaphor fits.

  5. Claymores says:

    That man displays eloquence and logic in his announcement, the elite in the Repubs won’t like that. He should join as a “Tee Party Republican”.

  6. the senator is very wise. he knows Obama wants to control and keep the black vote without helping them get out of poverty.he does not want them to be independent.he had both houses for 2 years and did nothing to help the black youth. shame on Obama.i hope everyone wakes up like the great senator and stop giving their votes away just because he is a demacrat.

  7. Carlos says:

    Actually, the senator’s momma sounds extraordinarily wise. I’m just glad he finally picked up on it.

  8. Carolyn George says:

    He is a flip-flopper with no convictions. The Democratic party is better off without him. He has been a Republican, a Democrat and now a Republican again. Quote him “This change puts me in a better position to run for a higher office”. Good riddance.

  9. Carlos says:

    Kinda like your small “g” god, huh, Carolyn? No convictions, always looking for ways to game the system, lies easier and quicker than a rug, needs vacations every four weeks or so to get away from the links and all the campaigning he does (and he’s not even running for office now!!!), everything he can find to do except what he was elected to do which is to LEAD the nation and keep it protected from people who would actually do harm to it (instead of looking for TEA party extremist Christian terrorists under every bed).

    Now I don’t claim to know what all Guillory’s politics are, but I can assure you there’s about one chance in more than two million that I’d vote for any of the Democrap “leaders” (like Obummer, Nazi Pelousy, Chucky Cheesy Schumer, Rahmbo Emanuel, Dingy Harry, Hillarious, etc.) before voting for this guy. At least he’d get something right occasionally at the very least, and that’s better than anyone listed above. And he wouldn’t even have to have a paid liar as his front man.