ST in the Media: Catch me tonight on #MatchGame2013 on @The405radio!

Posted by: ST on June 20, 2013 at 7:05 pm

Looking forward to having a little fun tonight with some Twitter friends on Bruce Carroll aka @GayPatriot‘s show Match Game 2013 where the  “stars” are asked humorous questions about current events, and contestants try to match their answers.  Tonight’s stars are:

  • Founder of The Morlock Revolt and SooperMexican’s redneck – Matt Dawson
  • From Breitbart-dot-com, the red-headed Twitter goddess – Mary Chastain
  • Editor In Chief of Pocket Full of Liberty… Georgia’s own  – Jay Caruso
  • Radio host and soon-to-be TV variety & talk show star – the multi-media Tony Katz
  • Genuine conservative Southern Belle, Charlotte North Carolina’s – Sister Toldjah
  • And she’s the right hook from the Left Coast, contributing editor at Pocket Full of Liberty – Amy Otto

Should be a blast! Hope y’all willl tune in tonight online to the 405 Radio at 9PM ET to listen in as hilarity ensues!! :)

ST 2013

Howdy, y’all : )

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3 Responses to “ST in the Media: Catch me tonight on #MatchGame2013 on @The405radio!”


  1. Have fun, sounds fun

  2. Steve Skubinna says:

    You know, I would appreciate it, when I come back to this blog after a hiatus overseas, that you NOT post extremely cute pictures of yourself. It is distracting and makes it difficult to focus on your scintillating intellect.

  3. ALman says:

    Don’t be shy, Steve. Go ahead and ask her!