Analysis: WH spoxdude Jay Carney dodges answers to questions nearly 9,500 times

Posted by: ST on June 21, 2013 at 5:30 pm

Yahoo’s News Ticker blog has a hilarious interactive of the thousands of non-answers WH Spoxdude Jay Carney has given over the course of his time as the Obama administration’s paid liar. Writers Rachel Rose Hartman and Chris Wilson on their analysis (hat tip):

Jay Carney doesn’t have an answer for that. He hasn’t discussed that subject with the president. He will refer you to the Department of [insert agency here]. He refuses to speculate on that. He’ll have to get back to you.

But he appreciates the question.

A Yahoo News analysis of the 444 briefings through June 18 that Carney has held since becoming White House press secretary has identified 13 distinct strains in the way he dodges reporters’ question. Since Carney held his first daily briefing with reporters in the White House Brady Press Briefing Room on Feb. 16, 2011, for example, he’s used some variation of “I don’t have the answer” more than 1,900 times. In 1,383 cases he referred a question to someone else. But will he at least speculate on hypotheticals? No. In fact, he has refused to do so 525 times.

In the following interactive, you can browse all 9,486 of Carney’s most-used responses and verbal crutches.

I say this is “hilarious” because it has to be a source of huge embarrassment for not only Carney but his bosses in the White House as well, especially when you consider how our celebrity President glided into the White House promising the “most open, honest, transparent administration EVAH!!!” Well, they’ve been – um, transparent, but not in the way they had pledged to be to their millions of faithful supporters both in 2008 and 2012. In reality, once you get beyond the surface comedic value of the interactive you get a very disturbing picture as to just how evasive and secretive this administration has been on a whole host of issues, and not just those directly related to national security where being hesitant to give full details would be kinda understandable.

I’d loooooooove to see the Ticker also do an interactive on the WH’s previous spoxdude Robert Fibbs. Oh the tall tales he told ….

The whitewashing

The thrill is gone.

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6 Responses to “Analysis: WH spoxdude Jay Carney dodges answers to questions nearly 9,500 times”


  1. Drew the Infidel says:

    The only way in which this administration is transparent is that it is easy to see right through their many lies and/or refusals to supply straight answers to legitimate questions.

    To say Obhammud is the worst president ever would be a masterpiece of understatement. It is obvious he never managed an enterprise even of the magnitude of a snow cone stand until he was elected. But he is trying. Very.

    “As creeping ivy clings to wood or stone,
    And hides the ruin that it feeds upon.”–William Cowper

  2. Carlos says:

    He’s probably never been near a snow cone stand, Drew. You know – evil capitalists and all…

  3. ALman says:

    If they were really as smart as they think they are:

    1) they would suspend daily press briefings, except for printed copy

    2) once a week, Carney would hold a briefing on Friday’s
    (You know Friday’s, it’s news “dump” day. Also, it would give Carney
    a week to prep)

    3) the only other ones would be a the situation warranted

    Most likely, they won’t take my advice. Thus far, they haven’t.

  4. Lorica says:

    Agree completely Drew!!

    These guys are so pathetic yet they believe they are the smartest people on the planet. They are only smart to the idiots that voted for them…sadly they out numbered the ones that could see these people for the evil they represent.

    It is written that in the end as the darkness increases so shall the light, and the light cannot be overcome by the darkness. – Lorica

  5. Lorica says:

    Looking at the other categories…. my personal favorite is “The President won’t tell me” (117 times). LOL

    It only leads me to believe that Jay only gets a talking points memo, and only rarely sees the President. Or is in the background and only takes notes, that he, much like his early years of life, isn’t included when the “cool” kids come over to play. – Lorica

  6. If you have any interest in seeing a video of Jay Carney’s mentor, Patches O’Houlihan, it’s at The Political Commentator here.

    Mike Haltman
    The Political Commentator