#GZtrial: State likely to wrap up its case today

Posted by: ST on July 5, 2013 at 10:47 am
Zimmerman Trial

The trial of George Zimmerman.
Graphic courtesy of WFTV.

Trayvon Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton has already testified this morning that she believes the screams heard on the 911 call were that of her son, while Trayvon’s older brother Jahvaris Fulton on cross-examination by the defense confirmed that he told a journalist a few weeks after the death of his brother that he was not sure if it was his brother screaming. It should be noted that Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father, initially stated to investigators that the screams on the 911 call were NOT his son, but later changed his mind. The state is likely not to call him to testify, but you can expect the defense to.

The medical examiner is now testifying for the state. You can watch a Twitter feed of journalists live-tweeting the trial and other key players commentating on it below. A Fox35 Orlando live feed video is below that.

Video link:

FOX 35 News Orlando

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2 Responses to “#GZtrial: State likely to wrap up its case today”


  1. Only two people in all Creation would have first-hand knowledge of what happened that fateful night and one of them is dead. Zimmerman has no need to take the stand; the bumbling prosecution has made his case for him already.

    This case makes for horrible TV viewing. From the outset with his being overcharged with second degree murder and its more complex burden of proof, witnessing an attempt to railroad Zimmerman is disgusting. The corrupt media with its manufactured frenzy shares the blame.

  2. Carlos says:

    Martin’s family can be in the courtroom and Zimmerman’s can’t because they happen to be the same racial background as the United States Attorney General, Mr. My People, who would have the judge’s hindside in a vice tighter than two elephants backing into each other if it were any different.

    The entire stage has been set so only one outcome from this comedy of justice can be had.

    Justice for all? Not if you happen to be a non-black who kills a young black punk in self defense!