#GZtrial: First full day of defense’s case underway

Posted by: ST on July 8, 2013 at 10:06 am
Zimmerman Trial

The trial of George Zimmerman.
Graphic courtesy of WFTV.

George Zimmerman’s attorneys have just started the first full day of the case they will present to the jury, and the witnesses who have testified so far are friends of Zimmerman. The defense has said they think they’ll be able to wrap up their case by Wednesday, which means there is a strong possibility the jury will get to start deliberations before the week is out.

After the state rested this past Friday, defense attorney Mark O’Mara made a plea to the judge to dismiss the case under the grounds that the state’s case did not meet the criteria for the 2nd degree murder charge that Zimmerman faces. After about an hour making his case, and a half an hour rebuttal by the state, Judge Nelson quickly denied O’Mara’s request and told the defense to call their first witness. It wasn’t exactly a surprise, as she’s been no help to the defense at all since Day 1 of this trial.

All you really need to know about the state’s case can be summed up in their Friday rebuttal to O’Mara. It was filled with lies and gross exaggerations, which I found particularly disgusting considering a man’s life is on the line here. One lie they told, arguably the biggest, was that a reasonable conclusion to draw from witness testimony is that George Zimmerman started the confrontation. If you’ve been paying close attention to the trial as I have, you’ll know that’s not even remotely true – unless you believe in admitted liar and “friend” of Trayvon Martin Rachel Jeantal. *NO ONE* saw who started the confrontation, and Jeantal was the last person to talk to Martin before everything happened. She has admitted to lies on several issues while on the stand and is not credible, and some have speculated she has been greatly coached by Martin family attorney Ben Crump.

In any event, if you can’t get to a TV, you can follow my Twitter list below of journalists and others who are live-tweeting the trial. A live feed video link is below that.

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One Response to “#GZtrial: First full day of defense’s case underway”


  1. True to form, the judge was stupid not to dismiss the case Friday. All this does is apply a spark to the powder keg as the suspense of the impending verdict looms, guaranteeing mob violence in the streets.

    There was a debate earlier today about whether Zimmerman should take the stand. Why should he? The prosecution has all but guaranteed his acquittal with their ill-advised overcharging of him of second-degree murder and their inability to adequately prove their case.