Photo of the Day: TX State Sen. @BobDeuell displays boy/girl baby shoes at #TXlege

Posted by: ST on July 9, 2013 at 9:30 pm

They say men’s voices shouldn’t matter on this issue. I say – as men are fathers, brothers, uncles, etc – “hell yes, they should!” As seen at the Washington Post:

Texas State Senator State Senator Bob Deuell

Republican State Senator Bob Deuell, who set two pairs of infant shoes on the counter, speaks during a senate hearing on a proposed abortion bill in Austin. The political battle in Texas over proposed restrictions on abortion resumed Monday with a rally by abortion opponents and a public hearing in the state Senate, where Democrat Wendy Davis staged a filibuster last month to stall the Republican-backed measure.
Mike Stone / Reuters

Note they are pink AND blue, for girl and boy — because all life is precious and all opinions on this issue matter, no matter the gender. Much better than the blood red shoes Wendy Davis wore when she attempted to filibuster the previous version of this bill last month …

(Hat tip: @StevenErtelt and Life News)


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4 Responses to “Photo of the Day: TX State Sen. @BobDeuell displays boy/girl baby shoes at #TXlege”


  1. Steve Skubinna says:

    Yeah, so I am a man, but I used to be a fetus. So I have a dog in this fight, okay?

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    You got that right, Steve. And you are no less a man for saying so.

  3. Brontefan says:

    Liberals have for years been trying to desensitize the issue of abortion. They play rhetoric games like… naming a prominent abortion clinic Planned Parenthood. They insist it’s their right to decide. Roe v. Wade gave them that platform but still.. they push the envelop. No one goes to Planned Parenthood for counseling. They do not go there if they planned anything; birth control is available almost everywhere. And there is nothing about getting an abortion that makes you a parent. Therefore, the name is a misnomer. If you haven’t figured out you don’t want to have your baby by 20 weeks, you need psychiatric counseling. The only way the abortion numbers can be as high as they are in the USA today… is if women are using it as birth control. And I resent being asked to pay for it! Liberals love to insist that the father is unimportant; it lends itself to the ideology that they don’t have to consult with anyone about what they do. With birth control so readily available.. I find this problem–abortions after 20 weeks–to be insane and superfluous. If our unborn children have no value, how long before our children are also valueless?

  4. Liz for Life says:

    I believe Liberals and pro abortionists only express rights for the individual when it suits them. “God is a sleeping giant”, as so eloquently stated by the wonderful Starr Parker, and He will only let us get away with so many innocent lives. I hope sooner than later, but in the meantime, the fight to educate and change people’s mind about the preciousness of lives is our task! Once we all agree to so flippantly kill our offspring, we are doomed as a race.

    Already 13% of the population has 50% of the abortions. Is that the beginning of their genocide? Has no one thought to protect them?