Friday Humor: Anthony Weiner meets the “real” Carlos Danger (VIDEO)

Oh my gosh. Literally laughed out loud at this. And yes, it actually happened (earlier this week before his presser):

The below photo of “Carlos Danger” is via NY Magazine, which noted yesterday – courtesy of the New York Observer – that this was likely a New York Post stunt. Wouldn’t put it past them!

Carlos Danger

Will the real Carlos Danger please stand up? (photo taken by @epngo)

3 thoughts on “Friday Humor: Anthony Weiner meets the “real” Carlos Danger (VIDEO)

  1. It is unfortunate the average American of voting age is attracted to a sex story like a fly is to dog crap. The real scandal involving Weiner is his accepting a campaign contribution from Al-Jazeera, the “Muslime” Brotherhood mouthpiece. Al-Jazeera is based in Qatar which is the biggest state sponsor of al-Qaeda.

    It is also the network which regularly ran taped messages from bin Laden and al-Awlaki while claiming they had no idea how they came to be in possession of them. Too, they also were always conveniently at the scenes of bombings so they could be first to show the carnage.

    There are plenty of more serious red flags surrounding Weiner’s jihadist wife and her family ties to the “Muslime” Brotherhood. Ninety-nine percent of “muslimes” give the other one per cent a bad name.

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