Weekend Open Thread

Thank goodness it’s the weekend! Hanging with la familia for most of it – going to see Wolverine (for the action shots, of course – HEH) with my sisters, and then on to mom and dad’s for some quality time with them and the beautiful Muffie T. :) ┬áHope y’all have a beautiful Saturday!

OBX Sunrise

Beautiful June sunrise at OBX.
Photo courtesy of the OBX Sunrise FB page.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. ST,

    have you seen Man of Steel? good movie..

    OBX looks beautiful, water is warm down there too. In Boston, the water is still freezing cold in August!

  2. Just got back from the 18th annual Permian Basin Friends of the NRA banquet held in Midland, TX, hometown of “W”. The evening opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and an invocation. It was refreshing to spend time in the presence of folks who take their First and Second Amendment rights seriously and with an air of appreciation.

  3. ST, that looks like Outer Banks sand to me. When I get done with these Yankees I’m coming back home…..

  4. Much is being made about the latest “Time” magazine cover trumpeting the advantages of the childless life. (We have changed president five times since I last read a copy, for obvious reasons.) But couple the thrust of the article with Obhammud’s desire to make birth control available to girls as young as those who have yet to sprout any “undergrowth”, and it becomes an open question who will be around to pay off his massive debt.

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