Has Debbie Wasserman Schultz ever heard of Mayor Filner?

There’s epically stupid, and then there is this. Not only is the “war on women” meme tired and worn out, but it also ignores the very real and current “war on women” issues going on with scumbucket Democrat Mayor of SD Bob Filner, and Democrat NYC mayoral candidate/ sleazeball Anthony Weiner.

Perhaps Rep. Wasserman Schultz has forgotten about these two?  Doubt it, but just in case, if you’re on Twitter, make sure to remind her by (politely) tweeting her at @DWStweets.

BTW, Phineas was recently blocked by DWS. Make sure to congratulate him.  ;-)

6 thoughts on “Has Debbie Wasserman Schultz ever heard of Mayor Filner?

  1. Not only the “war on women,” but the same tired war on nearly every other ethnic, racial and “victimhood” group one can think of.

    Only the jackasses call them their “base,” and they (all the victim groups) are dumb enough to buy into the Dems’ sweet siren song of “Stay on the Plantation.”

  2. That’s because they are shocked! They’re in disbelief. So, the silence is, in a sense, saying, Not Our Weiner!

  3. Even though Filner is a jerk of all trades, one gets the impression he is not so indiscriminate in his relentless groping that he would lower himself to touch DWS with a ten foot pole.

    The reason the commiecrats are prone to give islamic jihadists the benefit of the doubt is that they are ideological cohorts. Both treat women like livestock or chattel. And though their methods may differ, both are bent on the destruction of democracy, freedom, and individual liberties. Not a dime’s worth of difference between them.

  4. Maybe one reason Sargeant Schultz “didn’t know” about Filnor’s war on women is staring her right in the face as she looks in a mirror?

    It’s fer dang sure it’d give me nightmares just contemplating THAT one…

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