Facts about #NCed funding #NCGA Dems don’t want you to know

Posted by: ST on August 20, 2013 at 8:13 pm


Facts matter.

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2 Responses to “Facts about #NCed funding #NCGA Dems don’t want you to know”


  1. Jesse Garrett says:

    I remember decades ago when I was more naïve, there was a bond issue vote to increase pay of teachers in local school district. On TV they would show teacher after teacher telling how tough it was to get by on their salary. I was moved emotionally because I think GOOD teachers are as necessary to this country as good soldiers. I supported the bond issue and it did pass.

    But I got a major life lesson when I found out that the superintendent & principals got 85% of the new money, and teachers got 15%, scarcely a bump in pay. They could say they didn’t lie, but they certainly did deceive. SOP of the left. I never voted for another bond issue no matter how “necessary” they made it out to be.

  2. ST says:

    Jesse, that is classic – and precisely the reason I don’t rush to vote for education bonds anymore.