Far left UCal groups write incoming president Napolitano a letter full of “demands”

Posted by: ST on September 10, 2013 at 6:24 pm

And, trust me, none of their “demands” will be surprising to any of you. At all. Via Fox News (bolded emphasis added by me):

A letter endorsed by nearly a dozen student groups includes the phrase: “We demand that you implement the following across the UC system.” Those demands include making the system a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants, barring the use of system funds or resources going to help Immigration and Customs Enforcement (which Napolitano oversaw in her previous job), impose mandatory sensitivity training on campus police and prohibit police from interfering with student demonstrations.

“As people of color, queer, undocumented, womyn (sic), and allies within the UC system, our work is to ensure that the UC is inclusive to our communities and that the UC system lives up to its mission ‘to serve as a center of higher learning,’” reads the letter, which was initially published on DreamActivist.org Sunday.

It goes on to cite Napolitano’s “specific experience in managing militaristic entities” as reasons why they are “uneasy” about her taking over the system. Napolitano, who oversaw the deportation of 1.6 million illegal aliens during the first term of President Obama, last month became the first woman appointed to head the sprawling system.

The letter was signed or endorsed by dozens of UC student activist groups, including Black Student Unions, Students for Justice in Palestine, American Indian Student Associations, Queer Alliances, Migrants Rights Awareness, Students Empowering Dreams and Students Informing Now.

My advice to Ms. Napolitano? Assuming she gives in to at least some of the demands – and I think it’s a safe bet that she will – how about throwing in at least a one year supply of baby rattles, pacifiers, and high chairs for each member of each leftist UCal group?   And hire several assistants who are familiar with how to burp babies.  She’s going to need them for this perpetually unhappy bunch.

Stop whining

I ”demand” that leftists grow up.

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3 Responses to “Far left UCal groups write incoming president Napolitano a letter full of “demands””


  1. And to think that California taxpayers subsidize this trash and are told they’re the ones who are “narrow minded” if they don.t

  2. Steve Skubinna says:

    I graduated from UCSD in ’79 and it was pretty silly then. My attitude was always “Why don’t you just shut up and go to your classes? Either that or get the hell off campus.”

    Since shaking the dust of that place from my feet I have had nothing to do with the UC system. Pompous pretentious navel gazers, faculty and students both.

  3. Drew the Infidel says:

    How are they going to effectively pursue their courses of study when they are so preoccupied with the superficial distinctions of others?

    This what so grates on the lefties. People just never will cease to be different.