Navy Yard shooting: an AR-15 *was* used there. Updated.

Posted by: Phineas on September 18, 2013 at 1:28 pm

**Posted by Phineas

All too predictably, gun control advocates raced to take advantage of the atrocity of yesterdays’s mass shooting at the Navy Yard to press their case, this time by decrying the use of an AR-15 in the killings, the semi-automatic rifle having become the fear-object of choice for people who hate the Second Amendment (1).

Trouble is, the shooter didn’t use an AR-15. From what can be reconstructed, he entered the base armed with a legally-purchased shotgun (Joe Biden’s “Good Weapon”) and at some point obtained a pistol. But, gun-rights defenders are also wrong: there was at least one AR-15 involved in the shooting.

It was used by the police to kill the bad guy.

Sorry, gun-grabbers.

PS: After the last mass shooting, at Newtown, there was a lot of talk about the dangers of gun-free zones. So, will someone please explain, why, of all places, are military bases still  gun-free zones, per a Clinton-era regulation? These are people trained to use firearms and respond to combat situations. Why are we forcing them to be sitting ducks?

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(1) And check out how this Advanced Placement Exam textbook mangles the Second Amendment. That is either gross ignorance or deliberate deception.

UPDATE: Based on a couple of comments on Twitter, I should clarify something. The point isn’t to argue over what kind of weapon was used, per se, but to correct the misinformation the reactionary Left uses to advance its agenda for an eventual gun ban. (Regardless of what they say, that’s where gun-control logic leads.) If left uncorrected with the truth at all times, the lie becomes the dominant narrative and the momentum goes to the gun-grabbers.

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5 Responses to “Navy Yard shooting: an AR-15 *was* used there. Updated.”


  1. annademo says:

    More likely to be deliberate deception. Dull the minds when they are young and impressionable and you have a low information voter for the rest of his/her life.

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    Experience has shown gun-free zones attract whack jobs like dog crap does flies; Newtown comes to mind. After the Ft. Hood massacre and this latest incident it is time to undo the Unabanger’s ’93 executive order. Priorities?

    An AR-15 is simply a .223 caliber military look-alike. Its projectile will go through one person. A standard 30-06 hunting rifle’s will go through three. Priorities?

    The danger of overzealousness referred to above has already made itself evident with today’s returning veterans being summarily designated mental health risks with no incidents in their background. The Navy Yard shooter had two weapons violations within the past nine years and a general discharge from the Navy for reasons of personal conduct. Priorities?

  3. kevino says:

    RE: “After the last mass shooting, at Newtown, there was a lot of talk about the dangers of gun-free zones. So, will someone please explain, why, of all places, are military bases still gun-free zones, per a Clinton-era regulation?”
    Because if we don’t have gun-free zones, cowardly psychopaths and peaceful Muslims won’t be able to slaughter large numbers of innocents. And without large numbers of innocents dying at the hands of deranged gunmen, the State won’t be able to herd the sheeple into agreeing with their agenda.

    The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

    — H. L. Mencken

  4. Carlos says:

    There’s also a clamor to make sure those who purchase weapons and ammo are mentally fit.

    Fine. Except, remember what JanNap said about terrorist conservatives. Who’s going to determine mental fitness? The government? They don’t even know how deranged THEY are, so how can they determine how deranged anyone else is?

    My brother, who has been a practicing psychologist for over 40 years? Ya gotta be kidding me. He’s further into socialist control of individual lives than Duh-1!

  5. TomTB says:

    Senator Feinstein had a press conference with her “assault” rifle ban bill before the facts were known, and the bodies were cold. Is this political opportunist disappointed that a common pump-action shotgun was used by the murderer?