Sunday NFL Football Open Thread: #Panthers at the Vikings


If the 1-3 Panthers don’t win this week in their away game against the 1-3 Vikings, I’m thinking about changing the below graphic into a kitten – or maybe a baby panther. Thoughts? ;)

Game time is at 1pm ET and it will be broadcast locally on Fox.

Carolina Panthers


4 thoughts on “Sunday NFL Football Open Thread: #Panthers at the Vikings

  1. In light of today’s victory, your thoughts of changing the graphic might be premature. After all, even panthers meow before maturing and roaring.:d

  2. Congrats on your Panthers’ victory over Minnesota. It showed the difference between a team settled on a QB and one where the position is done by a committee.

    My Cowboys are leading the Redskins 7-3 but, starting today, I’ll forego any more criticism of them. It is like Thumper the Rabbit from the Bambi cartoons says, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say something at all.”

    People from the left who do not like the Redskins nickname should do what Dan Snyder did. Buy the team and call them anything you wish.

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