Sunday NFL Football Open Thread: #Rams at the #Panthers – plus #Redskins commentary

Posted by: ST on October 20, 2013 at 12:32 pm
Carolina Panthers


The 2-3 Carolina Panthers had an impressive win last week over the Minnesota Vikings and are hoping to bring their season to .500 with a home game win today against the 3-3 St. Louis Rams. It’s a perfect fall day for some football here in Charlotte, with sunny skies and where temperatures are supposed to be in the upper 60s.

Game time is at 1 pm ET and it will be broadcast locally on Fox.

In related football news, Washington Post reports that two DC radio stations are refusing to play ads calling for the Redskins to change their name:

As the debate over the name of Washington’s football team grows louder, one of the more vocal groups on the issue has found itself unexpectedly silenced.

The Oneida Indian Nation learned Friday that the radio ad it had scheduled to run in Washington this weekend as part of its national “Change the Mascot” campaign, will not air. A representative of CBS Radio Washington cited increased discussion around the name as the reason for pulling the ad from two of its stations, WJFK and WPGC.

“Based on the amount of on-air debate, adding paid commercials from one side is not something that we think is beneficial for this discussion and for our audience,” Steve Swenson, senior vice president of CBS Radio Washington wrote in an e-mail that was provided by the Oneida Nation to The Post.

WJFK, or 106.7 The Fan, bills itself on its Web site as “the radio station for D.C. sports fans. Our opinions are unbiased and unfiltered, and we never hold back.”

The New York-based Oneida group, which has emerged as one of the strongest forces in the name-change push, advertised on both stations at the start of the season. The one that was supposed to run this weekend was titled “Legacy” and questioned the one Redskins owner Daniel Snyder would leave. Snyder defended the name in a letter to fans last week.

“By changing his team’s name Mr. Snyder can create a better historical legacy for himself — one of tolerance and mutual respect, not of racial epithets,” Oneida representative Ray Halbritter says in the ad. “Native Americans do not want their people to be hurt by such painful epithets. We just want to be treated as what we all are: Americans.”

Friday, Swenson confirmed that the stations would not be running the ad this weekend.


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10 Responses to “Sunday NFL Football Open Thread: #Rams at the #Panthers – plus #Redskins commentary”


  1. Dana says:

    Oneida representative Ray Halbritter says in the ad. “Native Americans do not want their people to be hurt by such painful epithets. We just want to be treated as what we all are: Americans.”

    I’m trying to figure out how Mr Halbritter can, in consecutive sentences, separate out his group as “Native Americans” and then say that they just want to be treated as “Americans.”

    Obviously, my inferior mental powers don’t enable me to appreciate the brilliance of his position.

  2. steveegg says:

    Members of the Perpetually Aggrieved Class can do whatever they want </sarcasm>.

    Thanks for beating up on the Vikings last week.

    Go Pack Go!

  3. steveegg says:

    And I already see a positive score out of the Panthers game. :)

  4. ALman says:

    Dana, Dana, Dana, Dana. You must pay better attention in class. When it is to his advantage, he is “Native American” and thus, to use the eloquent term of steveegg, he is a “[member] of the Perpetually Aggrieved Class.” He’ll work it whatever way he can. Stating that he just wants to “be treated as [an American]” is just to mollify the listener. He gives every evidence of being a follower of the Devil’s disciple in the oval office. (I do one of those smiley things, but I haven’t been able to get them to work).

  5. steveegg says:

    ST’s happy – Cats 30, Lambs 15.

  6. ST says:

    You betcha, Steve!!

  7. Great White Rat says:

    I agree that the name ‘Washington Redskins’ is offensive and should be changed. It DOES have highly negative connotations in today’s world.

    There are a number of good potential changes that would remove the stigma and slur.

    Just two proposed examples:

    – Northern Virginia Redskins

    – Suburban Maryland Redskins

    What’dya think??

  8. ST says:

    Excellent suggestions, GWR :-)

  9. Drew the Infidel says:

    While we are on the subject of stupid things said, former Auburn coach Pat Dye wins the “Dullard of the Week” award for his inane remarks about former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice being unqualified to serve on the college bowl selection committee because she never played the game.

    How best to say it, “Just because a cat has kittens in the oven, that don’t make them biscuits.”?

    The copy writer down at the newspaper never died but the editor still lets him write the obits.

  10. H Hazell says:

    When will the discussions begin for changing the names of the Ritz and Waverly Hotels?