What happens when you see American power as a problem?

Posted by: Phineas on October 22, 2013 at 5:01 pm

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'You're not welcome."

This is a problem?

Simple: You do whatever you can to make sure it won’t be a problem much longer.

While the president of the United States pitched his crumbling healthcare program like a late-night infomercial barker, the Army’s chief of staff made a shocking admission about national defense.

Gen. Ray Odierno told a Washington conference Monday that the U.S. Army had not conducted any training in the last six months of the fiscal year ending Sept. 30.

And, he said, there currently are only two Army brigades rated combat-ready. That’s a total of between 7,000 to 10,000 troops and less than one-third what the combat veteran regards as necessary for proper national security.

“Right now,” Odierno said, “we have in the Army two brigades that are trained. That’s it. Two.”

Odierno also revealed that troops shipping out to Afghanistan now are prepared only to train and assist Afghan troops, not to conduct combat operations themselves. But, of course, there’s no guarantee the Americans won’t find themselves in combat while accompanying Afghan soldiers.

All this to obey Obama administration orders to drastically cut the Army and military spending and meet cuts under sequestration. Since the Obama Pentagon began the troop draw-down two years ago under the president’s orders, more than 33,000 active duty soldiers have been cut.

Current plans call for additional reductions of 42,000 soldiers in the next 23 months to a total of 490,000, down from 570,000. Those cuts have been accelerated by two years under Pentagon orders and will involve involuntary separations of thousands.

Read the rest for Andrew’s take on what looks like a purge of the generals. Funny how it’s only the military that’s being held accountable…

There was a time, from FDR through LBJ, when American liberals saw American power as a good thing for the world. No more. Since the takeover of the Democratic Party by the New Left, beginning in the 1960s, progressives and their allies to their Left have seen American power as a source of the world’s problems, not a cure or a preventative. For the new liberal internationalists, decline is a choice.

We’re now seeing the results of that choice, and the world is being made more dangerous because of it.

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3 Responses to “What happens when you see American power as a problem?”


  1. ALman says:

    I don’t which is more disturbing. The account you’ve included here, or a different section of the article.

    It records him (Foot-stomp) as saying (to the woman who grew faint at his snake oil show), “This happens when I talk too long.”

    I guess we all ought to be glad he’s around. Otherwise, the sun might not rise in the morning.

  2. Obhammud is living proof of the old adage that some people think the sun comes up in the morning to hear them crow.

    Time was, when we used to maintain a military large enough to fight a two-war front but then scaled that back to one-and-a-half. I shudder to think we are in a position where we have difficulty simply getting out of a third world country like “Dumbf*ckistan” alive.

  3. ALman says:

    Indeed. The reduction in size coupled with the so-called purge of those who disagree with him is highly questionable. Add to this the just released situation concerning the Saudis and the revelation that U.S. intelligence may have targeted German Chancellor Merkel’s mobile phone, it seems that there is no end to the “assualts” on persons, both foreign and domestic.

    Of course, this may all go the way of Sebelius'”he didn’t know.”