Obama tool @SallyKohn: Losing your current health insurance plan is a good thing, rube

Posted by: ST on October 30, 2013 at 11:41 am
Useful idiot.

Words of wisdom.

There are Useful Idiots, fools, and then there are absolute tools -and “progressive activist” Sally Kohn manages to roll all three into one with this apologetic, lecture-y piece on Obamacare:

(CNN) — Conservatives are expressing shock and outrage that the Obama administration knew that many people in the individual insurance market would not be able to keep their plans once the Affordable Care Act took effect. Such shock is not surprising; overblown outrage is the stock and trade of conservative politics these days.

But here’s what conservatives won’t tell you, lest it undermine their theatrics: Many insurance plans are shutting down because they don’t meet the higher bar of quality benefits required under Obamacare, and of those people who lose access to their plans, many will pay less and all will have better and more comprehensive options.

Also, with a few exceptions, no one is really noting that this point isn’t quite news. In 2010, the fact that certain insurance plans would not be grandfathered into Obamacare because of their inadequate coverage was widely covered by the press. It was a given, after all that, if standards for health insurance were going to be raised in America — a good thing — then some plans that don’t meet the bar would no longer be available. One could blame this on the Affordable Care Act, or alternatively, one could blame this on insurance companies for providing such substandard care in the first place.

Here’s what this boils down to:

Will some people lose their current insurance? Yes.

Will these same folks lose health insurance coverage? No.

They will all have access to better plans and in many cases pay less because of expanded options and tax credits.

And many will have a LESSER plan and WON’T be able to afford anywhere close to the plan similar to the one they LIKED because they don’t qualify for those “expanded options” and “tax credits”, Ms. Kohn. What happened to FREEDOM OF CHOICE? What if someone LIKED their plan and wanted to STAY on their current plan – which suited THEIR needs just fine?   What if you’re in the middle of a  healthcare issue right now, pregnant, or maybe going through cancer treatments, and end up having to switch off to another plan midstream and can’t keep the doctor/care team you liked?

None of this matters to Ms. Kohn, and other Obama apologists like her, who are – in a nutshell – saying “who cares that MILLIONS will be dropped from the plans they’re on, and who gives a RIP that Team Obama KNEW this early on (as did the mainstream media) and still flatly and falsely asserted otherwise anyway?  Barry O and his crew on Pennsylvania Avenue have declared that this is a better option for you, so just deal with it and shut up, ya rube!”

Welcome to modern day “liberalism”, folks, where thinking for yourself is secondary to being ‘patriotic’ enough to eagerly want to pay higher taxes, fork out more money for a healthcare plan you don’t like, and pledge blind allegiance to Uncle Sam – as long as he (or she) happens to be a far left Democrat.

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7 Responses to “Obama tool @SallyKohn: Losing your current health insurance plan is a good thing, rube”


  1. michael says:

    If you like your car, you can keep your car (unless it’s not a truck, in which case you’ll have to give up your car and purchase a truck, but you’ll have a nice, shiny new truck…and the extra expense that goes with it).

  2. “They will all have access to better plans and in many cases pay less because of expanded options and tax credits.”

    First of all, the great majority will pay more for the same reason they lost their existing plans – the law’s requirements for coverage. Secondly, the only way to hide the cost is to spread it out through the exact same population using “tax credits.” Where does this moron think the feds get the money they are so generous in giving away?

  3. JRob says:

    Please explain, Ms Kohn, how is maternity and ob-gyn coverage for a male anywhere close to being an improvement?

  4. ALman says:

    It’s in case they go trans-gender!

  5. Ohboy says:

    Um, lady, they’re pissed because they were lied to. Who likes being lied to?

  6. Carlos says:

    Doesn’t everyone enjoy being lied to? That’s what Obhammed was taught in his religion classes at the madrassas he attended as a child. That’s why he’s a world-class liar.

    It’s also why there’s not a leader in the world that trusts one dribble from his mouth.

    And I can’t tell you how many 63-year old men are excited about having to pay for pregnancy and ob-gyn coverage. It means soooo much to them to finally have that coverage.

    Besides, who wants to keep some crummy old policy that doesn’t cost much (relatively, of course) and covers what one wants covered when there’s apparently a coming plethora of inadequate, highly-priced and wholly inappropriate plans to choose from.

    Idiot voters fell for the “Hope and Change” crap – twice! – and now we all have to live with an America that really has been fundamentally changed, from workable to totally tyranical.

    By the time his term is supposed to be up, he’ll have his own version of brownshirts to make sure the riots don’t get out of hand, and his old stand-by community organizers to help jack up the ignorant public about how good it is to keep getting all his “free” stuff, including insurance…

  7. One has to wonder on what planet Kohn resides. Like my dad used to say, “It is easy to have fat horses when you are feeding out of someone else’s barn.”