NFL Sunday Football Open Thread: Saints at the #Panthers

Posted by: ST on December 22, 2013 at 12:41 pm
Carolina Panthers


Huge, huge, huge game for the Panthers today as they play the Saints here at home on a rainy but unseasonably warm Sunday afternoon. The Cats got smoked two weeks ago on Sunday Night Football in front of a national audience against the Saints in New Orleans, and not only do they want revenge for that but a victory today would also secure a playoff berth for the Panthers for the first time since 2008. A win today for the Saints would see them clinch the NFC South and a first-round bye:

Saints-Panthers: A huge game. If the Saints win, they clinch the NFC South and a first-round playoff bye. If the Panthers win, they clinch at least a playoff spot and are in the driver’s seat for the NFC South and a first-round playoff bye.

Needless to say, you know which scenario I’d like to play out today and going forward. :)

Game time is 1 pm ET and it’s being aired locally on Fox.

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4 Responses to “NFL Sunday Football Open Thread: Saints at the #Panthers”


  1. ALman says:


    You’re a loyal fan.
    So, no attempts at humor by me today.
    Just a wish that the outcome for you and your team will be grand!

  2. Carlos says:

    The Saints ain’ts agin!

    Good fer Cam & Co., and the Panthers fans.

  3. Mudbug says:

    Huge Bourbon Street Bombers fan here.

    My black’n’gold tail is now plucked and tucked. I had to “watch” the play-by-play over here in West Africa via When I hit the sack, the Saints just kicked FG #2. When I came into my office and logged on to see the final score, there went aforementioned tail tucking. Must’ve been a pretty good game by what I read.

    Congrats to the Cats. Hey – we might meet again before this rodeo dust clears!

  4. BBHunter says:

    – Congrats to the Panthers and one of their number one fans, sweet ST.

    – And the most joyest of holidays to you and your family from ours.

    – RC