Got incandescent light bulbs? Get ’em now, while you still can

Posted by: ST on December 24, 2013 at 3:52 pm

On their way out …

Harrisonburg, VA’s WHSV reminds that incandescent light bulbs will be phased out starting January 1st:

Due to an energy law, manufacturers will no longer be allowed to make and distribute certain incandescent bulbs.

Production of 40 and 60-watt incandescent bulbs will be stopped Jan. 1. 2014, while manufacturers already stopped making the 75 and 100-watt bulbs at the beginning of 2013.

The incandescent bulbs are being replaced by LED, halogen, and CFL lights.

“The LEDs are a lot more energy efficient. They last 50,000 hours. They’ll last longer than most things do out there. They also produce a little bit better light and they’re instant on and they don’t flicker like the CFLs do,” said Scott Lanier, the assistant manager at The Home Depot in Harrisonburg .

He also said he’s seeing a lot of people stocking up on the incandescent light bulbs.

“People have been buying the 60s. Right now we’re selling the combo packs of the 60s for a good price. People are coming in and stocking up to get everything so when the light bulbs do go away, they have a mass quantity,” said Lanier.

As the article noted, technically the phase out has actually already started, as I’m sure many of you who have gone to try to find certain types of incandescent light bulbs have found out. I have a couple of three way lamps in my living room and it has become increasingly difficult to find bulbs for them – especially bulbs that don’t cost under $10 a piece.  In fact, I spent almost $9 on a 50/100/150 bulb at Walmart this past weekend, and Walmart is probably the best place to find bulbs at lower prices.   I’ll probably go on a “bulb search” for more later this week before they stop being made altogether, and will also snag some soft 60 watts along the way.

Y’all stocking up on incandescents?

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8 Responses to “Got incandescent light bulbs? Get ’em now, while you still can”


  1. ALman says:

    Check this out at:


    Link to the manufacturer’s site:

    Just discovered this today.

  2. Phineas says:

    This is one of the dumbest of many dumb “save the planet” pieces of legislation. No evidence that incandescents have caused any problem, the technology has worked for over 100 years, but “something must be done!” The other annoying thing is that the national legislation was authored by a Republican, Fred Upton (Yes, Kate’s uncle) and signed by a Republican president, Dubya. Thanks a lot guys.

    (Never entering into their discussions is the cost impact of this on people with stretched budgets. LEDs are expensive, and CFLs are both expensive *and* dangerous.) x(

  3. Last year about this time I found a bargain on bulbs at Home Depot and stocked up on incandescents.

    Have you read the label on CFLs? It reads as though if you break one, it will be an occasion for the HazMat team from the local fire department to handle.

    I’d rather change presidents than light bulb types.

  4. Mudbug says:

    Yep. We’ve amassed 240 60 watters; 360 100 watters; and just under 500 40 watt appliance sized lamps. Since Miz Mudbug and I are in our early 60s, this stock will outlive us. Maybe I’ll include a note on the last few cases to remind the children and grandchildren: “Our country went apepoopcrazy around 2010 and this stock of simple bulbs (outlawed back then) was but one “shining” result of that!

  5. Brontefan says:

    One more rip-off from my government!

  6. I have hundreds of incandescents hidden under the bed in the spare room — probably enough to last a decade or two. But I might go out and buy some more, because I’m thinking they might be useful for bartering.

  7. Carlos says:

    @Phineas: Never confuse Dubya as a Republican. He may have been a “Republican,” the kind pushed by the “Republican” “leadership” (think Dole, McCain, Romney), but I’ll guarantee you, he was no Republican. No socialist is.

  8. Carlos says:

    This whole issue is proof positive that “environmentalism” has nothing to do with “saving the environment,” but everything to do with controlling every aspect of the peons’ lives.

    If this was not so, CFLs would have been banned the day they hit the shelves. They are so much more damaging to the environment than incandescents there is no way to even compare the two.

    It’s all about control by elitists over the rest of us po’ youngin’s.