NFL Sunday Football Open Thread: #Panthers at the #Falcons

Posted by: ST on December 29, 2013 at 12:42 pm
Carolina Panthers


The Carolina Panthers (11-4) sit atop the NFC South are on the road for their final game of the regular season, and they will be playing division rivals the Falcons (4-11), where Atlanta – out of playoff contention – will seek to play spoiler against the Cats, who are aiming for a first round bye in the playoffs and a one home game with a win today. The Panthers will have to do it with a QB – Cam Newton – who has a sore ankle, and without injured stars WR Steve Smith, RB Jonathan Stewart, and DT Colin Cole. Would be nice to get the win today and a bye next week so all guys can rest up and get better in time for the playoffs, which this team will be doing for the first time since 2008.

Game time is 1 pm ET and it will be broadcast locally on Fox.

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6 Responses to “NFL Sunday Football Open Thread: #Panthers at the #Falcons”


  1. Carlos says:

    The worst thing about today’s game is that you’ll have to miss a week of Panthers football. Because they earned a bye.

    Way to go, Panthers!

  2. ST says:

    Thanks, Carlos!

  3. steveegg says:

    Congrats on the division title and, more importantly for me, a bye. ;)

  4. ST says:

    Thanks! Congrats to y’all, too, Steve!

  5. Drew the Infidel says:

    Glad to see the “Carolina Kitties” get in the playoffs and enjoy home field advantage. Mercifully, the Cowboys ended 8-8 and will watch the playoffs on TV with the rest of us.

    After the past few seasons I will bet the Cowboys to win each week from now on. I can’t lose. Going 8-8 each season I will at least break even./s

  6. Bob from Atlanta says:

    Yeah, yean, yeah, so your Panthers beat the Falcons. Big deal. Our QB still makes more money than your’s !!!! (sarc.)