Photo of the Day: VP Joe Biden kicks back in a red Corvette

VP Biden

Our VP – a laugh a minute …

Oh my. This one is just begging for a caption, y’all:

The backstory, via the Wall Street Journal:

Vice President Joe Biden, speaking at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, lauded U.S. auto makers for coming back from the brink – but saved his highest praise for a flashy new Corvette.

“What a difference five years makes,” Mr. Biden said to auto executives, noting that in 2009 car sales plunged and many questioned whether the auto industry could survive the recession. Auto sales have surged in recent months and climbed back to precrisis levels.

“American cars and trucks are once again changing the game and I might add providing good, decent jobs,” he said.

The Obama administration bailed out the U.S. auto industry, and despite facing a lot of criticism for doing so President Barack Obama and the vice president frequently point to the revival of U.S. auto makers as an economic success story.


The vice president has a 1967 Corvette Stingray that his father bought him as a wedding gift. He lamented that the Secret Service doesn’t allow him to drive it anymore due to security reasons, but that hasn’t stopped him getting behind the wheel in his driveway at his home in Delaware.

He said he told his Secret Service agent last year “either get in the passenger seat with me or shoot me, because I’m moving.” Mr. Biden said he did a 60-foot burnout—in his driveway, not on a public road.

He added: “I just want you to know that that ’67 was zero to 60 in 5.5 seconds. I didn’t do that…but it was. But this new Corvette, Z06, is zero to 60, allegedly, in 3.4 seconds.”


After the speech, according to the pool report, Mr. Biden visited the Ford stand, where he met Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. and Rep. John Dingell (D., Mich.). “Thank you for saving our ass,” Mr. Biden told Mr. Ford, apparently referring to the 2008-2009 auto crisis, when company was the only one of the Big 3 to not seek a government bailout.

LOL! Fraudian slip? ;)

7 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: VP Joe Biden kicks back in a red Corvette

  1. Biden in a Corvette … just a typical day in the life of a 0.000000000000001%-er.

    Where is Occupy Wall Street, now that we really need them?

  2. That’s a genuine “‘Vette” alright. The passenger compartment has traditionally been “so small there is not enough room to cuss a cat without getting fur in your mouth”‘, as the old saying has it.

    The first one in which I ever sat back in the ’60s had a speedometer that topped out at 160.

    The study in contrast the photo gives is almost too much; the car is pure class.

  3. So he drives his vintage ‘vette in his Delaware driveway, while his wife watches over him with her double-barreled shotgun? Do they even need a tax-payer funded Secret Security detail?

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