CMS report: Premiums for 11 million may soon rise under #Obamacare

Posted by: ST on February 25, 2014 at 11:39 am

Obamacare – bad for your health, your wallet, your …

Here’s a shocker – not – via Fox News:

Republicans renewed their fight against ObamaCare on Monday in response to a new report in which the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services concludes that 11 million small business employees may see their premiums rise under the law.

The report, released Friday, says the higher rates are partly due to the health law’s requirement that premiums can no longer be based on a person’s age. That has sent premiums higher for younger workers, and lower for older ones.

The report found that 65 percent of small businesses would see a spike in insurance premiums and about 35 percent of small businesses would see lower rates for plans covering six million people, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The estimate is far from certain, partly because many small businesses renewed their policies in 2013. Renewing before the end of the year allowed them to avoid higher premiums that went into effect Jan. 1, when coverage was required to conform to the law.

Also limiting the certainty of the estimate is the fact that the report looks at three specific provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Employers’ decisions will be based on more factors, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Let me translate beyond the article: While there is no “certainty” in terms of the number of people likely to be impacted by (more) premium increases, they will increase – and no doubt, as we’ve found with other aspects of this law since its implementation, the numbers will be staggering.

And young folks, it sounds like, will be footing the bill (as predicted).  It’s no wonder so many of them are turning away from our celebrity President.  Now, if only they had listened to what we said about Obama and the so-called “Affordable Care Act” before they voted in 2012 ….

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3 Responses to “CMS report: Premiums for 11 million may soon rise under #Obamacare”


  1. Dana says:

    And as they sit there, in their red plaid flannel pajamas, talking about getting health insurance, how many of them are going to say not no, but Hell no?

    The young adults are not as far along in their careers — assuming that they have jobs at all — as are older workers, generally speaking, and thus earn less money. They can see that they are the ones being raked over the coals on this, and they can see that there are fewer jobs precisely because of Obaminablecare.

    Fewer jobs, higher (mandated) insurance costs, lower wages, and having to live in their parents’ basement. Well, guess what? They are the reason that buffoon is President today, because they voted for him! It’s just karmic justice that they are the ones getting f(ornicated) over in all of this.

  2. Tuerqas says:

    The question is has Hillary successfully distanced herself enough from Obamites and the current Dem party enough to somehow still appeal to the younger workers. The young still in school or not working will still be in the Dem bag. Their parents and/or Gov’t credits are paying their healthcare. If Hillary is too damaged, will some other unknown come in singing a new siren song? I don’t think a Dem will be able to run on the Obummercare platform, but the libstreamedia will gladly skip any vetting on whoever becomes the next Dem candidate for President and they have been wildly successful at poo-pooing any non-libstreamedia vetting sources.