Tweet of the Day: More bad #Obamacare math as explained by @HealthCareTara

In explaining the drop in enrollment numbers from January to February, the “official” Twitter feed for Obamacare questions and “information” had this to say:

My friend and fellow North Carolinian Benjamin Smith quips in response:

Pretty much! ;)


Never a dull moment in the Twittersphere …

2 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day: More bad #Obamacare math as explained by @HealthCareTara

  1. There was a drop in enrollment from 1.8 million in December to the 1.1 million in January, both having 31 days. Nice try with the mathematical dazzle.

    After what happened in FL last night in the special election with a Republican defeating a better-known commiecrat and overcoming a third party candidate siphoning off 5% of the vote, look for Obhammudcare to be avoided like the plague by vulnerable candidates. Think “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.

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