Michael Barone’s last line will leave a mark

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"Train wreck"

“Train wreck”

Writing in The Washington Examiner on Hispanics and Obamacare, political analyst Michael Barone notes the precipitous decline in support among the group for the ACA (from 61% in favor to 47% since September, 2013). He then wonders if this experience will sour Hispanics on big government overall, thus threatening their majority allegiance to the Democratic Party. His closing is quiet, but brutal:

I think that Obamacare may be discrediting Big Government generally among Hispanic voters. They may have assumed that government in the United States was competent and functional. They have been finding out that Obamacare has been about as competent and functional as government in Mexico.

Ouch! That’s going to leave a mark. smiley black eye

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4 thoughts on “Michael Barone’s last line will leave a mark

  1. Barone makes a valid point. Mexico’s PRI party in their is their version of commiecrats and Obhammud operates with the same banana republic mindset as that found south of the border. Their economy is a wreck as is ours and drug cartels operate with little compunction in both countries.

    The southern border is wide-a*s open and the flow of illegals (potential commiecrat voters) is unchecked. Most of the Hispanics here in the West Texas oilfield only know one phrase in English, “Do you speak Spanish?”.

  2. It’s funny. Obama may be (unintentionally) doing more to help convince people we need to go back to smaller government than any prominent conservative voice is today …

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  4. I’ve always found it strange Mexicans/Guatemalans/Nicaraguans/etc. come here to escape the oppression of socialism and turn right around and vote for it here.

    Sounds like the Californicators who escape that state because of the Democrap oppressions, then vote for the exact same kind of people in their adopted states…

    Talk about mindless idiots, products of the government indoctrination system!

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