Weekend Open Thread

Posted by: ST on March 22, 2014 at 1:44 pm

March Madness continues, and I’m still enjoying watching all the games … although my beloved Blue Devils are out.  :(  Enjoy your weekend, everyone. Pretty weather here. Think I’ll finally get out and try to enjoy it.


March Madness

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5 Responses to “Weekend Open Thread”


  1. Curmudgeon says:

    I am crestfallen that Duke is out. I must now root for Carolina. How about you?

  2. Carlos says:

    My beloved (if bedevilling) Ducks lost to the team that only had to travel 50 miles to play. Can’t understand why they consider Wisconsin or wherever it was the “West.” If one looks closely at a map one will see that portion is much closer to the east coast than the west.

    ‘Course, when your point of reference is that NYC is the center of the country, I guess it makes sense…

  3. Carlos says:

    This, from “The Fiscal Times”:

    Now we learn that Senior Justice Department officials including Attorney General Eric Holder and former FBI Director Robert Mueller used federal aircraft for hundreds of personal trips that were not properly reported, according to a report by Congress’s nonpartisan Government Accountability office issued this week.

    Gosh, who would’ve ever suspected ANY Obama appointee of stealing from the taxpaying public, especially law enforcement officials. The report also rips the IRS a new one, too.

    And what will be done about it? The silence from the Republicans will be deafening, and Obama-appointed I.G.s will make sure the public knows the reports have it all wrong.

    Kinda like they were always doing when Old Uncle Joe was running the USSR…

  4. Chris in NC says:

    Sorry about Duke too. I was looking forward to seeing Michigan rip them a new one. :)

  5. Tuerqas says:

    As much as I hate the SEC, especially in football, you have to hand it to them. They are 6-0 in the tournament. Whoduthunk?

    In the first round, 1 and 2 seeds get relative home games, duckman. Next week Wisconsin gets to go out (to the real)west to face Baylor and maybe Arizona or SDSU, if they win. So the 4th and 6th seeds get a closer to home game next week. Nothing against Baylor, but how did they get to be closer to home than all of their competition with the exception of SDSU if they beat Arizona, and the almost indistinguishable distance difference if they play Arizona? I mean, yes Tucson is closer than Waco, but once you aren’t likely driving anymore, a plane trip is a plane trip. So only SDSU is a drivable trip for the regional finals. Kinda sucky that the 4th seed is the closest thing to a home team. To have given fairer locations, Louisville and SDSU should have been switched. 4th seeds should not have the closest to home games. That is the way the ball bounces, though.