FAIL: In #NCPOL Dem Mayor scandal, CNN uses pic of GOP Governor


LOL. In the midst of all the national coverage my fair city was receiving last night on the Charlotte Democrat Mayor scandal, there was this (via multiple Twitter sources, including @WilsonShow):

CNN oops

Um, that’s our GOP GOVERNOR, CNN, not Charlotte’s corruptocrat Democrat Mayor. Duh …

Now, Gov. McCrory (R) used to be Charlotte Mayor, but that was several years ago. We’ve had two elected Democrat Mayors since then – Anthony Foxx, who is now Obama’s transportation secretary, and Patrick Cannon, who resigned last night.

I’m sure this wasn’t intentional on CNN’s part. Nope, not at all:-?

3 thoughts on “FAIL: In #NCPOL Dem Mayor scandal, CNN uses pic of GOP Governor

  1. This is probably attributable to CNN’s neurotic preoccupation with their Malaysian airliner coverage. They brought in psychics and every other type of know-nothing flake imaginable.

    In aviation circles “pilot error” was the byword for “we don’t know what the hell happened.” CNN has now introduced global warming as the new claim of ignorance, a commodity of which they are in no short supply.

  2. CNN spokesperson: ‘No, that wasn’t intentional.’

    Questioner: ‘So then the problem is that CNN is hiring a bunch of mental defectives who can’t fact-check, right?’

  3. CNN Spokesperson: ‘No, no, Nate you misunderstood me. I just meant I didn’t intend that personally and CNN didn’t intend to misrepresent this the way we did. The writer did their job very well though, don’t you think?’

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