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QOTD: ‘Sex educator’ describes her *filmed* abortion as “like giving birth”

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I’ll just go ahead and warn you – if you read this article in full, you’re probably going to want to literally scream — or punch a wall.  The “sex educator” featured in the article about actually FILMED her abortion in an attempt to erase the “stigma” that comes attached to an act that terminates the life […]


Leaked Chinese documents show planning for a North Korean collapse

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**Posted by Phineas To paraphrase Whoopie Goldberg, I’m pretty sure these weren’t “leaked-leaked,” so much as deliberately slipped to the Japanese, knowing they’d go public. It’s a not-so-subtle to warning to Dear Leader III: “If things fall apart, don’t count on us to bail you out:” China has drawn up detailed contingency plans for the […]


#NewTone: Senate Majority Leader Reid compares GOP to “greased rodeo pigs”

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Via The Hill: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Tuesday said trying to work with Republicans reminds him of chasing a greased pig at the rodeo. “Oft times, working with some Senate Republicans feels a lot like chasing one of those greased pigs,” Reid said on the Senate floor Tuesday. “Anytime we get close […]



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Yes: Gowdy gets to work on Benghazi


The Hill

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Right: House Democrats: No political motivation in IRS scrutiny of conservatives


Fox News

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Panic:  Administration issues dire climate change report, amid regulatory push



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Election 2016: Jeb Bush edges up, Hillary Clinton slightly slides, in CNN 2016 poll 



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Oregon: Gov. Kitzhaber performs CPR, helps save woman’s life


Finally here: It’s primary day in North Carolina

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After what seemed like forever, North Carolina voters go to the polls today to choose candidates for the fall elections.  The race that is attracting the most attention here, of course, is the one for the US Senate – where several Republican candidates are vying for the chance to try to defeat incumbent Senator – […]