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#NCSEN’s @SenatorHagan goes for broke, ‘fully embraces’ Obamacare

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The Senator is starting the first of the tricky two-step I mentioned Wednesday she had to do here in order to try and get re-elected to a second term in the US Senate, the first part being to appeal to her base to turn out in strong numbers in November.  Via HuffPo: WASHINGTON — Sen. […]


The election-year myth-making of #Obamacare “success stories”

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The Weekly Standard’s Jay Cost has a good read this morning about how Democrats are making up Obamacare “success stories” in hopes they can take the “Affordable Care Act” issue off the table come time for fall elections – especially for vulnerable incumbents like NC’s Senator Hagan: • First, they say that premium rates are down. In […]


DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz sinks to new lows w/ #Benghazi tweet

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Well, the Democrats are laying down the gauntlet on the issue of the Trey Gowdy-led Benghazi select committee and rather than agree to participate in the investigation, they’ve chosen to suggest Republicans are doing it for political gain. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz led the way last night with this disgusting tweet: The GOP voted for […]


Fox News

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Update: Nigerian president vows to ‘conquer’ terrorists as US weighs additional aid


The Hill

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Of Course: Obama flexing his executive muscle on immigration reform


Glenn Kessler

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Fact Check: Harry Reid’s claim that the Koch brothers are ‘one of the main causes’ of climate change


John Kass

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Oh My: Hillary and Jeb: ‘Game of Thrones’ or the Chicago Way?


Rich Lowry

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Must-Read: The Benghazi deniers